Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, Season Finale

This is it, y'all. I'm on Team Jen all the way. We get a quick recapping of the season and some of these ladies I completely forgot about. I've become rather fond of the opening credits/theme song. Makes me wanna dance. I'll miss it dearly.

They start us at the end -- how creative. We hear Mark say he's decided, we see the women each walk toward him, we hear him break up with one of them -- we can only see the back of her head. We then see a "My Days with Amanda" montage...subtitle: "Psycho and me". Then we see the Jen montage, aka "how can you NOT choose Jen" clips. Is anyone really on Team Amanda? (Spoiler alert: apparently yes)

The three go to the parents house. Jen wisely has gotten a gift for Mark's mama. Amanda shit talks that jen is just playing the game and being a brat by not telling amanda that she got a gift so amanda wouldn't copy her (which is perfectly okay). she then whines about how she feels stupid for not getting a gift. Hate. Everyone is stunned at finding out jen's age, but in a good way. compliments all around. mark's sis says in an interview that age doesn't matter. yes! jen steals the convo while amanda just sits there like a dud. we learn a fun fact about amanda: she doesn't know how to make a salad. seriously? jen is clearly winning with the family. amanda is stupid and so greasy. Jen gets the first one on one date and guess what? amanda complains. we hear the family's thoughts...Basically, the whole family liked jen better but the mom liked amanda better. mark's friend perceptively says that's probably just because she wants grandkids.

Jen's date - gondola ride on the river. amanda, cloaked in black and murderous thoughts, talks about her jealousy. in case you hadn't heard, she's way jealous when anyone but her is with mark. i think she's probably jealous of herself when she's with mark. after the ride, and after jen secretly tells mark her orgasm record (i'm curious), they go for a meal and spooning at the aquarium.

amanda's date - conservation park. ugh. everything amanda says and does grates my nerves. she gets to pet a koala and i hate her more because of it. amanda is jealous of jen's date whilst on her own date. set them crazy eyes on focus, girl. they go to dinner at a japanese restaurant. i hope they washed their hands.

umm -- hold up here. amanda actually says this: "there is another woman in the picture and there is a slight chance that he's feeling things with her too." UGH! amanda - we're down to two women here. it's more than a slight chance, it's a definite thing. you have not been the only girl here! grr. here's the difference between jen and amanda (aside from 23 years) - jen says she could fall in love with mark, amanda says she is in love with mark. idiot.

jen and amanda have a heart to heart holding hands. maybe they'll end up together. jen is such a classy lady and amanda is such a mess.

decision time: they make this really suspenseful. i'm a little nervous myself. mark chooses amanda. that cocksucker. i'm so over this show. i hope amanda drives mark crazy with her psycho jealousy.

That's all for Summer Reality Corner for the time being! thanks for reading.


ricky said...

I wills admit that I haven't seen one episode of this show, but reading these recaps have brought joy to my heart.

littlejeans said...

Is there any way someone wants to take on The Pick up Artist?!

I saw the first ep a few days ago... true comedy GOLD.

Maggie said...

I totally agree with ricky...but now what do I have to look forward to every week?!?! My life is over!!! :o/

Sara said...

i'll investigate this pick up artist show. is that the one where the douchey looking guy that sort of resembles tommy lee wears a jamiroquai big fuzzy hat and inexplicably gets lots of ladies? because that could definitely replace the hole in my heart that age of love left.

littlejeans said...


Plus, his "name" is...

wait for it...


Sara said...

as in..it's a mystery how he's ever gotten any 'tang?