Monday, July 30, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, ep 6

So, here we are with 4 losers left. Megan (21), Amanda (25), Maria (42) and Jen (48). If you're keeping tabs, we still have the youngest kitten and the oldest cougar.

Jen is taking Jayanna's dumping the hardest. OH SHIT!! Jayanna left a videotape to the remaining girls telling them to watch their backs, that Amanda took some advice from Jayanna, twisted it around, and used it to get Jayanna booted. Megan looks shocked. Jen looks bloodthirsty. Amanda looks the usual. and by that i mean psychotic and hideous. This is so frickin awesome. it's a total bash amanda video. and amanda tries to brush it off, but they all see how pissed jen is. jen might kill amanda. Jen! Jen! Jen! Jen!

Mark's first date is a salsa lesson with amanda and maria. mark chooses maria for the first dance and amanda is all crazy about how it was awkward not being chosen first and how she had to walk across the floor alone. stuff it hobag. she then called maria pathetic and said she was trying too hard. shut up psycho! you're probs the most pathetic of the bunch (and i'm including mary here. burn!) and you try way too hard. maria was just having fun, it's not like she jealously waited in his tent until he returned. ugh! i hate amanda.

megan's date is high tea. megan is adorable, but kind of dumb. also, let's start the countdown of when amanda is going to complain about not getting a one on one date. jen gets a text message about her date - a carriage ride and a swimming pool. she's clearly in the lead because she got the best date. immediately, amanda is jealous. shocker. megan is also being a brat about it. JEN FTW!!! mark is so smitten with her. he even said he esaved the best for last. she looks gorgeous too. oh man, he's totally gonna bang her at the end of the night. jen really knows what she's doing here. Next they go swimming. Hee! Mark makes a funny joke. You had to be there. Woah! mark takes her up to his apartment to get a "MASsage" with some "A-low-eh". he then tells her to close the door because there's a camera in the other room. woo! apparently, he don't know about the camera that's in his room. WOOO! they give each other 'massages' and we hear moaning. half an hour later, he walks her back to her apartment. the next morning, jen does the awesome 'let me recount my date for the youngies in excruciating detail' thing that she does. she even tells them about the massage. and by massage, we all know she means hand job. The look on amanda's face is murderous. jen goes into tmi territory and i think amanda's face is about to fall off. it would be an improvement. she cries about how he does this with all the girls. oh. you mean what jayanna FUCKING TOLD YOU ABOUT that you turned around her and got her kicked out for? that? is that what you mean? ooh, i wonder if jen relishes telling this stuff to amanda because she knows she got jayanna kicked out. nice jen. real nice.

maria again does the 'instinct' speech. for the third time. i wonder if she'll threaten to leave? and then reneg? one on one time: megan: not much happens here. Jen is next and mark is all 'hummuna hummuna'. amanda goes crazy. talks about how jealous she is and tells mark that jen said what happened on their date. he looks taken aback. i swear if she gets jen booted, i'll do something crazy. i hate this girl. does she really think she's the only one there? maria: sings the same old song. but this time she actually follows through and eliminates herself. he says that if she would not have done that he would've asked her to stay. ouch.

this show has now turned into top model because mark channels tyra and says to the remaining 3: 'pack your bags, we're going to australia!!!' amanda is all psychopants about being nervous about meeting the family. megan has some sort of flying anxiety and flips out about it after getting on the plane. she gets off and refuses to go on the flight, thereby eliminating herself. so you're telling me two girls eliminated themselves here and we get no real elimination?! cheap! especially because he told maria he would've wanted her to stay, and he really wanted megan to go to australia with him, and he's obviously in love with jen, so amanda would've gone!! and now she's a finalist? good grief!!

season finale next week, y'all!


Becca said...

if he picks amanda i'm going to swear off tv forever! how is it that she looks older than 48 year old jen?

also - at first i was like, damn megan just force yourself to get on that plane! then i thought to myself - that is probably exactly how i would react if someone tried to make me go through a haunted house...except i would actually throw up.

also there was one point where megan said in a low voice to herself, "i'm retarded" - she's awesome.

Dizzle said...

holy shit! FINALE?!!