Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SRC: PUA - A Friend of Mystery's...

All about kissin' today. This should be interesting.

The boys jump on Brady when he returns from elimination (fred probably wouldn't have gotten this reaction). Pradeep literally wraps his arms around him. Kosmo talks about how Brady needs to step his game up. I say tough talk from someone who's probably still there only because he's twice been the wingman.

Mystery shows up in a top hat. He is literally wearing a top hat. with goggles over it. he leads the boys to a room where they will learn about kissing. Tara, Mystery's main whore-for-hire, is there along with new friend Leia. Seriously. why would any girl want to be mystery's friend? Tara really has a hands on approach to helping nerds. i wonder what's in it for her. they talk about the importance of being a good kisser and then, something amazing happens. Leia is demonstrating with Tara some key pre-kiss moves such as the face caress and the lip touch and IMMEDIATELY Pradeep turns to Brady with his hand in the air, ready to practice. when he sees that the rest of the boys are gazing at the girl on girl action, he quickly faces front again. oh, pradeep, just come out. then the girls almost kiss and the boys practically mess their pants. pradeep overcompensates by throwing himself in front of the group to get a better look. the girls hand out peaches for the boys to practice kissing with. dirty! joe d starts eating his peach. lil chubs. then things get gross. the reward challenge - the reward is getting an earpiece for the next field challenge so that mystery can directly communicate and guide. WFH Tara will be blindfolded and each of the boys gets to makeout with her. poor scott i don't think has ever kissed anything. he gets a little overeager and tara has to stop him. joe d pecks and WFH Leia tells him to go in for more. what a gent. brady the ladies man seems confident enough about his kissing abilities. Leia has to break these two up. Joe W is not pleased with his work. perhaps if he could practice on a fellow contestant. Pradeep really goes in for the kill and tara notes that he's the only one that's taken control so far and she liked that. kosmo is next and says if there's one thing he knows it's kissing and when latinos come out of the womb, we know how to make out. and can i just say, i've never had any complaints. ka-pow! the boys come out for ranking first through third. there is a tie for second - Pradeep and Joe D. cute. the challenge winner is Kosmo. viva la raza!

the boys come out for lesson time: kiss tactics. Mystery instructs the boys to be touchy with everyone in sight. ugh. boundaries. can i note that mystery is wearing a shirt that makes it look like he's got full tattoo sleeves. their goal in the field test is to 'kiss close' a target. i'm going to tell you now that only one succeeds. care to make a guess?

Brady enters the club and starts utilizing his lessons. he don't wanna be on the choppin block tonight. he actually asks the question "what do you have going for you other than your looks?" Lesson 7 - Insult your target. i hate that mystery is teaching this behavior to scads of lovable losers. also worth noting is the girl brady chooses is wasted. he misses his chance with her though. joe D also misses his boat. pradeep gets painfully desparate. scott does an okay job but then gets dissed. the joes go to a two set and are both pretty successful, but Joe w didn't "pull the trigger". i wonder why. enter kosmo, being puppeteered by Mystery using phrases like "begin Kino escalation". whaaat?! and Success for Kosmo, because he 'kiss closes' his target. and since he was the only on to do so, he wins the field test and immunity.

Elimination time = The Level 3 green Kauna (had to check close caption this week) medallion, representing enlightenment, is up for grabs this time around. kosmo chooses the joes as his wingmen and i say good boy. after all, they have both given him wingman status in the past. So it's down to pradeep, scott, and brady. they each get advice. Brady is saved first. pradeep is again having a shitfit. for some unknown reason, scott gets the boot and pradeep is safe. sad! i think scott will be okay though. he's already made huge steps.


Becca said...

sara, after all these brilliant posts you have finally convinced me. I must watch this show!!

littlejeans said...

You won't be sorry! It re-runs sometime in the afternoon right about when Dave gets home. The look of utter bewilderment/disgust on his face when he sees what I'm watching just proves that this is the most awesomely bad show ever!!

Anonymous said...

Ok - I have insider information that all the contestants hated Scott, which added to the reason he was eliminated, rather than Pradeep (who is my pet peeve.) My prediction is he goes next.

Sara said...

ooh that is interesting and juicy!! while pradeep is pretty annoying (and i agree will probably go next), it also makes sense that scott got the boot this week because i don't think he'd ever be able to overcome his general awkwardness.