Friday, August 24, 2007

Subway Spotlight: Here's random dude with a headache!

It’s time for another highly anticipated subway spotlight!!!!!

Picture this – you are me. You are sitting on a downtown 6 train in the seat closest to the door. As the train is about to leave the Astor Place station you hear the faint sound of a man’s scream and then see a foot wedged between the door. the man who belongs to the foot is outside the door and is vigorously attempting to open the door – then the door opens a little bit for the slightest moment. In this moment the man has enough time to get his face through the door, then the doors slam shut right on his face. It looked something similar to the photo below except less scary and much more funny!

It looked like it could have hurt a little, but the guy was able to unwedge his face from the door with the help of a companion and seemed to be laughing the situation off….so you probably don’t have to feel that bad for him. It probably bruised his ego more than his face.

P.s. – as a bonus to you for being so fantastic, here is a picture of someone’s dog doing an imitation of the guy getting his head stuck in the subway door. It's from this site, about a very cute dog.

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