Monday, August 20, 2007

The Post!

We find it rather appropriate that for our 300th post we are also introducing you to the latest coolfacelette! It is a momentous occasion indeed, so without further ado - let us introduce at true inspiration to us both - Sandie!!!!!!!!

(this image has been brought to you by the magical photoshopp skills of sara martinez)

Sandy is special to Cooler than Stupid for so many reason....she has been a consistent, thoughtful and hilarious commenter, in addition to being a close friend of mine in real life. Though she may be best remembered for her starring role in the 300, you may also remember her as having directed the cool girls to a job posting to which we never actually applied (but we did think about it...however we both suffer from a severe case of lazy). Sandie's biggest contribution could possibly be her suggestion for Cooler than Stupid to review the newest show we love to hate and hate to love - The Pick Up Artist.

Sandie is a blogger herself - so why do you do yourself a favor and check out littlejeans sometime?

Welcome to the fam Sandie!

P.S. - Here is a more normal picture of Sandie.


littlejeans said...

Hey world, check me out!!!

Becca said...

once you have been featured on the cooler than stupid blog - it means that you have officially arrived my friend!!

ricky said...

congratulations on numero 300. i brought wine coolers and ranch flavored doritos. let's party.

Cooler than Stupid said...

mmmmm. what a combo!