Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well Twist my Knickers

We are less than one month away from the September 19th season premiere of America's Next Top Model and I couldn't be more excited. Pics of the girls of Cycle 9 (!) are up, so of course that means it's time for all of us to prematurely judge them based only on their looks, right? I'm not gonna post them here, but I will provide a link and my thoughts.

Click here! and you can find a group picture as well as individual pictures of the girls. My early FTW's based solely on looks are Heather, Lisa, and Sarah (the plus size who looks nothing like a plus size). Here are my brief, snap judgment thoughts on the rest:

Ambreal: nothing special
Bianca: grossly skinny
Chantal: eh
Ebony: resident tran
Janet: ummm
Jenah: has potential
Kimberly: i already hate her
Mila: reminds me of a scary doll
Saleisha: potential
Victoria: what the hell is this girl doing here. no seriously. can someone please tell me?

Now, y'all go check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Link: [fourfour] via [topmodel lj]


christine said...

there are too many! i am overwhelmed. i miss me some kehlen and some danielle. i loved those girls.

anyhoozle. i looked, i judged, and here's what i think:

jenna's a mess, lisa is jade's doppelganger, kimberly is apparently dead inside (her eyes give me the heeby jeebies for real), and bianca is way pretty in the group shot but not so much in her solo pic.

i was gonna say i'd like to hear what these girls'd say about me were they to snap judge one or 2 pics of me, but then i remembered i'm not trying out to be in the running to be america's next top model. not yet, anyway. not yet.

and maybe i'm a naive nerd BUT which of's definition of janet's profession do you think she is:
1. a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments (manicures and facials etc.) [syn: esthetician]
2. a philosopher who specializes in the nature of beauty [syn: esthetician]

i'm hoping, and guessing: 2.

god bless the internet. and god bless you.

christine said...

whoa m g do i win a coolface kick in the pants for the Longest Comment Ever?
you asked for m'thoughts, you got em. in spades. and beyond.

Sara said...

you win a miniature jughead crown for longest comment ever. i wish everyone shared their thoughts so. we'd all look really cute in tiny crowns.

and also, i really hope it's definition 2 as well.