Monday, August 27, 2007

SRC: Rock of Love Check-In

So I thought i'd do a quick check in here with everyone's favorite trash-tastic celeb boinking show, Rock of Love. and again, i should remind everyone to check out rich's celebreality recap because it's far superior to anything i could do. So we're down to five, and honestly i'm not at all surprised at who the five are. I am surprised it took him this long to dump mia, but who am i to question the mystery that is bret michaels. my hatred for lacey grows every week as if she were a person i actually knew and hated in real life. man why won't bret listen to EVERYONE? she's gonna cut him one day. again though, never question the bret. i personally think the top 3 will consist of jes, brandi, and heather, with jes and brandi battling it out for the prize. this might just be because they're my two favorites. what does anyone else think?

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