Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Reality Corner

Project Runway:
my heart was heavy having to watch this episode sans the very talented alison, but ah well...what are you gonna do? robert best proved that he is more like robert mediocre or robert boring when he rolled a third snooze-inducing 'fit down the runway. and unfortunately, he had to pay with his life. oh wait no...wrong show. he was just kicked off. jeffrey proved to the world that he is, in fact, one of the largest assholes on the planet by dissing SOMEONE ELSE'S mom. now i don't know about everyone else, but i heart my coolface mom to the max, so when i see any mom in the world being dissed (or even worse jeff, insulted to the point of tears. you heartless bastard) i get angry. or maybe i should change that sentence to "when i see any mom in the world being dissed, i get pissed." maybe i shouldn't. anyway, i guess the editors were trying to get us to be all sympathetic because we found out that poor jeffrey is a recovering alcoholic and has had many struggles in his life. oh boohoo, if alcohol gave him tact then maybe he should keep on drinking it. in the end, after barbie best was auf'd, we see jeffrey crying in his mommy's lap and muttering something like "they keep kicking off the genuinely good people here. and there aren't a lot left" yeah jeff. and you're not one of them. good people are going while assholes like you get to stick around and shred stuff and make it uneven.

Rock Star:
due to a time change snafu (that cbs did NOT properly advertise), i missed this week's elimination episode. but from what i gather from the webisode and various clips (and the comments of a coworker...finally! someone else who watches the show!) i discovered that patrice was kicked off. unfortunate, but it was her time. i'd ask for another holla back from austin, but no one holla'd back the first time. my boyfriend toby was also in the bottom three as well as magni. i don't understand why Lukachu-chu is still there, but i guess they need someone to scurry around and collect various acorns and berries for them. also, apparently dilana dug herself a grave. i mean, this girl had this competition in the bag. all she needed to do was not fuck up. but i guess she did by bad mouthing the other rockers to the press. apparently dave and supernova did not take to this very well, but i can't properly discuss any of this because there were no clips of it online. so...i'd love lukas to go next, but at this point there's really no telling who it might be. my random guess is magni.

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