Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Reality Corner

PROJECT RUNWAY: Sad for Brad...
Don't get me wrong, Bradley's modernization of Cher's look was totally hid, but i'm definitely gonna miss his peculiar sense of humor. vincent's modern twiggy was also pretty fug, and i don't really enjoy anything about him except that he reminds me of elton lets hope he goes before anyone else we like does. ps congratulations michael on finally getting the attention he deserved and winning a challenge! michael + nazri + pam grier = a dream

ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA: Dreams do come true!
So, remember how the last two weeks i've been all "josh and jill need to go"? well guess what the eff happened last night?! THEY KICKED THEM BOTH OFF!!! Thank god. Now all we need to do is get rid of Toddler-faced Pikachu O'Riley (or Lukas, as he's known to the rest of the world) and zayra (who are we kidding, mr. peanut isn't going anywhere!) and we'll have ourselves a real competition.

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