Tuesday, August 15, 2006

everyone loves free stuff!!!

So apparently, around season premiere time in Times Square, if you're in the right place at the right time, you can get a LOT of free shit. Yesterday, i passed the Weeds Munchie Mobile where they were handing out tiny little ben and jerry cherry garcia ice creams, weeds keychain bottle openers (quite possibly equipped with built-in roach clip), brownies, t-shirts and other stuff promoting monday night's premiere of the second season. i walked away with ice cream and a bottle opener and was pleased. and then today, i was handed a tshirt promoting tonight's premiere of parco p.i. on court tv AND treated to a sweet helping of eye candy as a gaggle of hunktastic men in roman gear walked the streets with big banners declaring today's release of the first season of rome on dvd. and all i had to do was walk from the train to work! amazing. i recently watched The Corporation and was educated about the various evil methods of marketing ...but you know, i got a bunch of free stuff so i really don't care right now.
the downside to this showering of gifts is - yep, you guessed it - those crafty scientologists. always trying to ruin everyone's fun. i think they've jumped on the fact that people are now willing to reach their hands out to grab anything right now since there's a good chance it's gonna be something pretty great. instead of sticking to the one block radius they float around in, it's now been expanded to four blocks and their troops have increased threefold. my special friend from last week tried to seduce me with his dianetics film again, but didn't put up as good a fight as last time. here is how our second conversation unfolded:

AM: Hi!
ME: No thanks.
AM: Ok! (walks away)

and now because i feel obligated to promote them since i accepted their merchandise:
watch Weeds Mondays on Showtime! watch Parco PI Tuesdays on CourtTV! buy HBO's Rome, Season 1 on DVD!
(i fell right into their trap)

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Ricky said...

Coolface is a corporate whore.