Friday, August 18, 2006

SRC: Project Runway Edition

What. the fuck?! There is absolutely no way ANYBODY can justify to me why Alison would be booted over Vincent. Not based on last night and not based on any past work. I read some news article recently and if I connect the dots, la la la, then I"m not a-likin' what I'm a-seein'. They tried to berate Alison because her creation made the model look fat? Wasn't Tim talking about how Alison's model was the biggest of them all? they got on her because she got the fat model and she couldn't cover it with trash. as a coolface brother put it, "Not her fault her model couldn't stay away from the twinkies." I also love how Heidi was all "If I had the choice between being a fat minnie mouse and long and slender, I'd choose long and slender." WHAT?!? You WOULD?!? {"because most people would want to be a fat fucking minnie" - coolface brother}. I still hate Jeff and his chick (as in baby bird) hair and his huge neck and his stupid face and the fact that he's 36 and acts like a child, but right now I need Vincent to go before Jeff. M'boy Michael won his second challenge in a row. i'm so proud of my genius.

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Coolface said...

also, my fav Heather, won Hell Kitchen. She is the VAG!