Friday, August 04, 2006

Summer Reality Corner

So it looks like supernova will be keeping crazy zayra around for a little while because she's some sort of foreign, spectacle-causing wonder...and they like to look at her. Dana left this week...we don't think she really had a chance of winning, but there are definitely some who should've gone before her. we'd still LOVE to see Josh leave and we'd also be happy to see Jill leave.

Here are our faves so far: Dilana (of course!), Toby (he so sexy), and Storm Large (great voice, even better name...she was born with it too!)

ho hum, keith is gone. we all saw it coming, but for different reasons. thank god that hellion isn't around anymore. he was not someone that i loved to hate (like Jade from ANTM). and he was not someone that i ever found funny in his sassiness (if i hear that good mommy/bad mommy quote one more time i'll throw up all over keith's plagiarized portfolios). unfortunately, bonnie also got the boot. a very astute coolface brother stated what probably a fair amount of people were thinking about this situation:
"They were all, 'Bonnie, you're out' and I was all 'Who's Bonnie?'"

and between her and robert best, i'm a bigger fan of robert...but it was still kind of sad to see her go when crazies like angela and vincent are still around.

Current faves: Michael, Allison, and Uli. we also like laura, but are a little concerned that she'll always make jackets with big new york collars.
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Tatum O'Neal is still on the show. does anybody know anybody who works on this show? i really want to get her fired.

Hell's Kitchen update to possibly come soon..

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phaea said...

Sorry, sorry I was late. In a shocking move Keith was kicked out of the kitchen. Sure he looks like a downs kid and acts like a gangster, but we was a great chef. The best part was when he accused chef of having a hard on for Virginia. And they bleeped out hard on. It was pretty amazing. so its down to Virgina and Heather. I think its going to be Virginia, whos I hate, but she has the skills. Heather also looks like she might have a eye desease but I LOVE HER.