Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lindsay Lohan of the Week

Let's take some time to consider the following two quotes from the mouth of our favorite redhead, Lindsay Lohan:

From Nickelodeon magazine:
Q: if you were a teacher, what subject would you teach?
Linds: I think I could teach anything I set my mind to. Maybe Ethics.

--It's really great that Lindsay has such a positive attitude about her career in teaching. I'm sure she COULD teach anything she set her mind to. Except Ethics.

From NY Post via BWE

"If I'm going to give my body to someone I'd rather them not be with other people. But I want to be able to if I like someone else."

--This hypocrite wants to be your Ethics teacher.


ricky said...

I would take an Ethics class taught by LaLohan. Where else would I learn how to turn a decent trick???

M-Cat said...

Pissed. Who's your favorite redhead?!?!

Oh well. So tell me: exactly where do I stand then? Somewhere between Carrot Top and Anne Boleyn? Bullshit, man. I want to be the kind of redhead like Ronald McDonald. Millions served.

Plus, y'all know I can outdrink Lindsay. And kill a baby twice as fast.