Tuesday, September 04, 2007

SRC: PUA - The Banana Hammock Edition

Pradeep returns from the elimination room and the boys pile on him. He says he's never been happier and I believe it. Thanks to that anonymous comment last week, I also believe that they aren't this excited because it is Pradeep, but rather because it isn't Scott. Even nerds gotta have their outcasts. Pradeep then announces that he doesn't want to take the title from the other boys, so he's thinking of quitting. way to get ahead of yourself there, champ. i think what should instead be at the top of his to do list is buying another shirt. seriously, he's always in that pink striped number.

Mystery and his boyzzz come over for Lesson 8: an mPUA must be in command of his nonverbal communication. The masters have brought loads of hot bitches (or, as I like to call them, WFH's) over for a pool party. This group of course includes HeadWFH Tara and ViceWFH Leia. In this reward challenge, the boys must present themselves in the best way possible. Whilst in a speedo. They're all kind of freakishly excited about it. Umm, so then mystery hands pradeep his pair and it looks as though he's gonna drop trough right there to change, even though no one else gets handed a speedo yet. we cut away before seeing the result of that/pradeep's dreams come true. Kosmo is freaking out the most even though as we've seen and as brady points out, he's a good looking kid with a nice bod. my guess is small peen. joe d is all about the speedos. it's pretty entertaining when he breaks into the hit "butt floss speedo" song and dance. almost as entertaining as when i paused the tv to write that sentence and looked up and saw that it paused on a full backal speedo ass shot of Joe D.

Joe D ruled the pool party because he was completely comfortable in the speedo. pradeep did an okay job of getting a girl's interest. kosmo was a whiny little bitch the whole time. dude. shut it. the other guys have to do it too. joe d wins the reward challenge for being the life of the party. he wins temporary custody of a cute lil puppy to use in the next field test. pradeep is pissed that he didn't win -- even though he only talked to the one girl. he was also pissed that joe d won because joe was talking to p's girl even though pradeep had his arm around her. it should be noted that the girl in question was sitting right next to joe d...so i think it wasn't a malicious thing. pradeep says that the fact that he wasn't recognized by mystery in this challenge is more incentive for him to leave. okay bye plz!

the boys go to their lesson with mystery - Day Game. Lesson 9 - "clubs are not the only place to pick up women of beauty." yes, he said it like that. also...did it really take him til the fifth week of the show to get to this?! mystery then tells a bullshit story about how he was in a grocery store and he saw a girl and 25 minutes later she was naked in his hotel room across the street. i think by grocery store he meant 'prostitution alley' and by 25 minutes later he meant 25 bucks later and by 'naked in his hotel room across the street' he meant bj at the park bench across the street.

field test -- coffee shop. meet and attract a target with the 'day game method'. whatever the fuck that is. mystery expects them to 'close numbers'. as usual, the winner gets immunity. this show is starting to annoy me because of scenes like the following:

EXT - Coffee Shop. Brady opens a set, sits down in a chair to join the girls.
INT - Stalker Van. Mystery, Matador and J-Dog watch Brady's progress on a tv screen.
MPUA'S: "Lean back. come on. lean. back!"

on screen, brady leans back in his chair


Pradeep scores a number. joe w gets his sexuality questioned. joe d relies too heavily on the pup. brady does well. kosmo takes a little while to warm up. pradeep wins the field test and is told that he gets to choose one wingman.

The final five cry like little girls at elimination because they all wuv each other so much and also don't want to go home. aww. pussies. mystery chokes on his words as he says "now you know how hard it is for me". wah wah. The orange level 4 medallion is the symbol Jeran, representing the harvest. hmm? So then it turns out pradeep was lied to because he doesn't get to choose a wingman after all. (probs because the mPUA's had only one guy in mind to boot and they'd be fucked if pradeep chose him as wingman.) they all look sick. First boy safe after pradeep is kosmo and he bursts into tears. i've never seen a group of grown men crying like this. joe d is next safe and his waterworks start again. brady is saved and joe w is sent home. sorry joe! you just can't rehab the gay outta you like that! Rent 'but i'm a cheerleader' and write your own sassy 'shiiiit' speech.


Becca said...

oh my god sara! i went home to PA this weekend and got to watch an episode of PUA!! i didn't actually see this ep...but they aired the damn promo for it so many times that i'm pretty sure i saw pradeeps speedo falling off and the chubby guy in a little bathing suit in my sleep. speaking of pradeep - i can't put my finger on why, but i find him profoundly irritating.

another fine post!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am the anonymous with the insider information. (Yes, how lame am I that I even admit I have insider information on this.)

Pradeep is SOOOOoo annoying to me as well. The final five (excluding Pradeep) all hang out now.

"Now you know how hard it is for me!!!" LOL