Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks, Jerk!

Today, as I came home exhausted from work, there was a man exiting my building. Keep in mind, this was a middle aged man, not no teen punk. I was about three feet in front of him approaching the door, and i saw him exiting, so, to be polite, i switched to fast gear so he wouldn't have to hold the door open for too long. that's where i made my mistake. i guess i didn't properly pop the clutch when switching gears, because i painfully stubbed my toe on a stair, causing me to stumble to my hands and knees. As i'm semi-falling in slow motion, I look up and see that the guy was not, in fact, holding the door for me at all. he let it close as i sped up (and fell) to catch it. Then, because he wasn't being jerky enough, as i'm there on my hands and knees, he stands right next to me and fucking LAUGHS! can you believe that? he laughed at me! i responded with "i'm ok thanks" and continued my way into the building.

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