Friday, September 28, 2007

FRC: Top Model - ohh, THAT kind of future...

I'd first like to say that i forgot to make a prediction last week, but i did text my brother before the show saying that Mila should get the boot. too bad you can't get fantasy points for picking the loser. spoiler alert.

lisa foster care mention count -- 3. and rising.

top model must've gotten so much shit about the hummer limos they were driving around in because now the models' ride is an unattractive bus painted with a forest or something. between this and the brokedown models, the theme of this cycle should be "roughin' it".

i propose a drinking game where you throw back whenever producers poorly try to sneak in a voice over and pretend that it actually happened in the moment.

i wish i had a clip of of this (i bet Rich will on monday) -- lisa is jumping to the edge of the pool, but doesn't stick the landing...her legs fold under her and she unattractively falls into the pool.

i think the tyra in panel impersonation is now a required moment. this cycle, saleisha plays tyra and chooses bianca over lisa. guess that lapdance on the boat didn't win her over.

the photoshoot comes early in the episode. and gawwwd...okay, the shoot is this: a glamour shot of each girl smoking and looking fabulous, while in the mirror, their reflection shows (whoooo i ammmm insiiiidddeeee) the horrible effects of the habit. and, yeah, it's a cool idea for a shoot, but between the search for a role model and not a top model, the green car and house, and what we find out later (we'll come back to this) about smoking, it seems like tyra's taking all the fun out of this by making everything about a cause.

Heather is back on my team because i'm frustrated that these people know about her affliction but still judge her for having a hard time with things we take for granted, like social interaction, physical proximity, and eye contact. yeah, she auditioned for this, but Tyra put her in the house (probably BECAUSE of this). I feel like tyra thinks she can cure this. and like, in a day.

bianca and lisa fight. why oh why was i fooled into thinking that ebony was a shit stirrer? argh! their fight goes like this: Bianca, Shit Stirrer: Do you think you did better than me? Lisa: I think i did alright. Bianca: You a STRIPPER!! Lisa:you can take it there, but don't take it there! (cry) Ebony - wipes tears from lisa's eyes. who IS this nurturer? tear wiping doesn't get me any fantasy points!

Bianca apologizes to lisa (and they make up) but B confesses she only did it so lisa wouldn't call her out in panel.

the girls talk about heather while she's completely in range to hear it. she's NOT DEAF!!

Challenge: the girls go to old navy (and are way too excited about it) and have 10 minutes to find an outfit to wear at panel. unfortunately, benny ninja is waiting at the 'Nave. I don't know why the girls don't know by now that tyra only wants them wearing jeans and a black tank, hair preferably in a neat bun. it's ingrained in us!

victoria wins me as a fan when the girls are talking about heather AGAIN (kimberly particularly is being pretty nasty, saying she doesn't want to get in any conversation at all with heather because "people like that" tend to cling and she don't want no clingers) and victoria gets miffed that they keep talking about heather. not miffed enough to speak up though.

at panel, the girls find out that this cycle, smoking will be BANNED! harsh! and kind of unbelievable. sucks definitely for jenah..and probably a few others as well. this rule is definitely not gonna be enforced with the crew, or else there'd be a walkout. beeteedub, kimberly went with the jeans and black tank and tyra immediately said that she loves her look. saleisha wins the challenge, a $1,000 shopping spree at old navy, and an old navy ad. before we find out who is going home, i guess that it'll be between mila and ebony, with mila getting the boot. Heather is called first. take that, bitches! it is, in fact, down to ebony and mila. ebony is crying and snotting all over the place, mila is maybe thinking of rainbows and unicorns, puppies and bunnies. she's a total real life lizard queen lisa simpson. (you know, after she drank that duff gardens amusement park water) And if you didn't get my subtle hints, Mila's the one that goes home.

It's tough to predict this early in the game...mila's exit i could see coming from a mila away (sorry, i had to)...if i had to narrow it down, i'd say it comes between ambreal and victoria next week. this one's not so easy to call though, so i could be way off.

hey, it's almost my original team again!
[Edit - it actually IS my original team again. and something i just realized is that if you only know my team from my blog, you wouldn't have known that i changed my team at all. after the premiere, i had switched lisa and heather out for jenah and ebony)

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a*dizzle said...

I have the same roster. One day want to play celeb fantasy teams dude? I got Pamela Anderson and racked up like 13 points today. 2nd place. God. How do I? Geeky? Aaaaahhhh. But seriously (pushes invisible glasses up, pinky finger extended) want to start a league?