Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The famous Chart

I've had a couple requests for this chart, so I thought i'd just post it up here and you guys can click and save if you want. Keep in mind that when i made this, i made it for me--- it only includes shows i already watch or are intrigued by....meaning no grey's anatomy (or other shows i hate). i also included a couple shows i couldn't care less about (moonlight, journeyman, life, etc) but wanted to give myself options in case any of the shows these are up against suck and i find myself looking for something new. There are also some non-network shows on there i like to watch. The shows that i've highlighted in yellow are the ones that have already started or will start in the next 7 days and the ones that look like post-its are shows that started long ago. hope you guys find this useful and don't shun me because of the size of nerd i am!

all times are eastern.

if you guys have any questions about when any non-highlighted shows start, let me know. if you have any questions as to why i've been single for so long, well i think it's pretty obvious.


christine said...

whoa m g. i have never loved you more. extreme tv puzzle level master.

ricky said...

before i was lost, but now i am found.

dawezzle said...

I missed Kid Nation and ANTM!!! Please help. Recap. Soon? Now. Now.