Monday, September 17, 2007

In preparation for fall

every year around this time, I nerd out over the fall premieres. i love tv to the max and i love starting with a pile of shows and weeding them out one by one until only the worthy ones remain. i usually give a new show 2 - 3 episodes before i decide to axe it. past casualties of this rule include LAX, Grey's Anatomy, and Brothers and Sisters. there are cases where, out of sheer hope and my intense loyalty, I stay with a not great show for way too long. Sometimes, i eventually come to my senses and abandon ship (studio 60) and sometimes i continue watching a show i hate only because it's hooked me with a mystery (reunion, the nine). how do i keep all the new and old shows straight? my dweebtastic charts. i make two every year, one with premiere dates and one that lists shows i'm intrigued by for whatever reason, organized by time, day and channel. (i may be on the cusp, but i'm a total virgo.) so here's what i'm looking forward to this season:

top model - hello.
cold case/without a trace - old reliables
ugly betty - brings me so much joy
heroes - how can i get on this show
how i met your mother/the office/my name is earl/30 rock - i like to laugh. also, congrats on the well deserved surprise emmy, 30 rock!!!
friday night lights - i only gave this show one chance last year, and i was turned off because the pilot was basically a football game. i later found out that that was the only ep like that, and that this is apparently one of the best shows on tv. it earns a second chance this year.
desperate housewives - eh. i started to hate this show at the end of last season, but i've committed this long, so i can't just quit on it yet.

chuck - do you think that the casting call for chuck was 'anyone that looks like jim halpert'?
viva laughlin - not so much excited as intrigued
reaper - when i saw the promos for this earlier this summer, i thought it might be one of the first cancelled. but a lot of people say it will be good...and i didn't know kevin smith was involved, so that's positive. also, i recently saw a new poster that includes missy peregrym. so, i'm in.
cane - no idea what's going on in this show, but i feel i should support my people.
ABC wednesday lineup - pushing daisies/private practice/dirty sexy money. i dislike grey's anatomy because of the main whiny skeleton. i've always liked kate walsh. i've always loved taye diggs. the other two shows have deafening buzz.
bionic woman - i love a good ass kicking
kid nation - i feel like i've been waiting years for this show
women's murder club - could be cool. but then again, it's on

i'll keep you guys updated on which shows make it past the 3 episode rule and which don't. what shows are everyone else looking forward to??

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littlejeans said...

I'm on board for 30 Rock.

I bailed on DH last season. Just couldn't take it anymore. I watch GA even though I sort of hate it) but hated the PP spin off pilot.

I'm sure there's more! I'm a Virgo but I have no chart. I think I need one.