Wednesday, September 05, 2007

quick question

Is anyone else an Office fan out here?

I forced my boss to take me to the Target in Jersey City yesterday to pick up the special Target edition of The Office Season 3 box set that came out yesterday. I was so proud of it that, even though i did not intend on buying anything else - i paraded around the store with only the DVD in my cart until my boss yelled at me and made me ditch the cart.

I feel like i just outed myself as a huge loser.


Sara said...

is it true that the special edition came with a dundee award and dwight bobblehead?

Becca said...

you are right! however i have a different special edition. this will truly make me look like a dork for knowing all this but... i have the target special edition with extra footage and a script from one of the eps in a nifty gifty bag/box, the other special edition with the bobblehead and dundee award is the one from best buy...which sounds equally awesome. however - i ahem...already have a dwight bobblehead in my life...because i got one for my stepmother last christmas. if nobody was convinced of my dorkiness before, i believe this comment proves it.

Sara said...

oh my god you are amazing