Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SRC: PUA - Movers and Strippers

Thanks to a tip, we now know that Kosmo joins Joe W. in the "actor" category. i wonder how many of the other boys are right there with them. one can only hope scott is.

Joe enters the "pillow room" and Kosmo and brady couldn't be happier. it's safe to say they would've been bummed had it been pradeep returning. they give him a cheesy shout out anyway. brady tells us he feels kosmo is his biggest competitor. kosmo says the reality tv oft heard phrase: "now it's a competition".

the boys join mystery for a lesson and the biggest shock of all is mystery's complete lack of headwear. the guys must take their game to the next level...i don't think they're quite comfortable on their current level. they must figure out how to use their newly learned skills to get the attention of a moving target. mystery instructs the boys that they should walk in front of the girl and not turn around completely or sustain eye contact or else they'll lose value...so basically ignore the girl. the bigger jerk you are the higher your value is? i'm glad mystery is shepherding a new class of jerk boys. we don't have enough.

reward challenge-- moving set blah blah daylight blah blah walking bridge blah blah get numbers. reward is once again head WFH tara. this time, she will assist in set opening during the field test. her official title is a "pivot". i wonder if leia was hurt that she wasn't chosen. maybe she booked a livelinks commercial. mystery secretly tells us that the boys don't know it, but he'll be disguised so he can get a closer look at their methods. i'm sure they'll be tipped off when they see the 7 foot tall amish man in a straw hat and blazer hanging around the middle of austin. i actually kind of wish that this disguise were how mystery looked when he was eric. kosmo freezes as usual, brady gets a conversation but nothing more, and joe really needs to stop using the 'hey did you see the fight over there' line. mystery chastises them for doing a shitty job and -- it's quite difficult to take him seriously with that disguise. also, whenever i'm on the move and a dude approaches me, i usually ignore him because that kind of approach is unnerving. i would've liked to see mystery participate in the challenge to see if he would've had any success. as punishment for sucking, none of the boys win the challenge or tara.

i have a feeling that this show is about to enter a whole new level of disgusting. mystery asks the boys if they've ever crushed on a favorite waitress and that these 'working beauties' are called 'hired guns' because they're hired for their 'beauty'. i assume that's not true for your average denny's. the field test this week is picking up exotic dancers (without paying for it). wow. looks like that feeling i had at the top of the paragraph was correct. he then demonstrates how to be an ass while trying to convince a stripper to not do her job and go along with a stupid gambit.

oh ps -- it seems by his 'oots' that mystery is canadian. explains a lot. jk canada!! the winner of the field test gets put through to the finals. mystery says "a little bit of antagonism goes a long way." i throw up in my mouth. kosmo seems to do alright. brady is a completely patronizing jerk and his stripper is too good for that shit so she leaves...and joins joe. guess what line joe uses on her? kosmo continues doing well. joe fares better with the girl brady dissed. brady gets a new girl. kosmo goes for the number ask, but gets politely turned down because stripper has a 'boyfriend'. joe d loses his girl after staying in the comfort zone too long. brady invites his girl to the limo and she goes (after putting on pants of course). then they makeout a lot. from the truck, the mPUAs celebrate. mystery says "and THAT is how you pick up an exotic dancer!!" the three then bump fists and it's all skeevy and nerdy at the same time.

so, brady is for sure in the finals. i'm guessing joe will go home because of his plateauing. the three boys hug and its pretty cute and sad. todays medallion is black. Wynn, representing joy. yes. one only knows true joy after picking up a stripper. if by joy you mean syphilis. joe and kosmo hold hands while mystery chooses who to boot (he just can't decide). and, the second dude in the finals is...kosmo. kosmo cries. joe takes it like a man.

come back next week for the finals!!

Reality roundup-- fall reality corner is coming up!! if all goes as planned, i'll be recapping top model and kid nation. don't forget though, there's one more episode of both rock of love (thank GOD lacey is out!) and the Pick Up artist. see y'all in the fall!


Anonymous said...

My money is on Kosmo to win. Then I bet there is a spin off show where Kosmo is the MPUA and teaches a whole new set of dorky boys to be complete asses. Brady is out because he hasn't changed his name yet to something ridicilous like "Blondie"

Sara said...

very interesting theory...i bet you're right too. i feel like brady was the frontrunner right from the start (even though he was in the bottom a couple times) so it would make sense for kosmo to win. i'm also sure it was no coincidence that the best looking boys ended up being in the finals. i mean, can you picture fred as an mPUA?