Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SRC: PUA - Victoria's Secret is Listening

Brady comes back to the group after last week's elimination. Pradeep cries and embraces him, but then expresses surprise at Joe W's elimination. All the boys are crying and talking about how they thought Joe W. was number 1 in the competition. Really? Do they mean #1 man lover? They all commit to try their hardest for Joe. These guys should just marry each other.

The next day, Mystery meets the boys at the house for a lesson in bedroom intimacy. or something. Pradeep looks scared shitless. Kosmo looks like he's still mourning the loss of Joe W. Mystery tells the group that WFH's Tara and Leia will be having a lingerie party (sheesh, they apparently have nothing else to do). They then both come out in...well, lingerie. I really kind of hate this show sometimes. Mystery looks like Jack Skellington with a top hat today. Kosmo's boner knocks a paper off his lap and Pradeep reaches to help. Interestingly enough, his first grab was at kosmo's crotch area, his second for the fallen paper. The girls then proceed to teach the boys about different types of lingerie while simultaneously testing their listening skillz. I have to say, Tara seems cooler than Leia. Leia's just kind of weird and way too into this. That's why tara's head WFH i guess. the mission is for the boys to buy lingerie for tara and leia to see if they heard anything the girls just taught them or if "hummunahummuna" was going through their heads instead. the winner of the challenge gets matador as his wingman in the next field test. i guess this is exciting?

at the shop, kosmo gets flustered whilst trying to talk to the salesgirl about what he wants to get tara. it's really astonishing what little he knows about underwear. pradeep asks for a santa hat. awesome. joe d and brady are both pretty impressive, showing that they really were listening to the girls and actually considering not only what they would like, but their proper sizes as well. leia comes out wearing joe d's gift, meaning he wins the challenge and matador. go joe! (i'm gonna drop the "d" now, as it's no longer necessary.)

later on, the boys are hangin', and joe is goofin with pradeep. he then does that thing where you pretend to kiss someone but you put your hand over his/her mouth so no actual lip contact happens. pradeep reacts by slapping joe. ah, homophobia at its finest. don't be scared of who you are, P. he probably slapped joe because his hand was there blocking the glorious boy kiss he's been longing for. also, he slapped him. what a girl. so, joe is the bigger person (in more ways than one. hey-OH!) and walks it off. pradeep and kosmo are stuck in awkwardland together so kosmo is like 'dude, you just slapped him pretty hard." Pradeep plays dumb and is like 'O RLY?" and goes after joe. joe is all 'don't hit me in the face' and pradeep refuses to apologize and walks away. So joe is all 'what the ef man that's disrespectful!' and pradeep yells a half-hearted 'sorry' over his shoulder. ooh. that is disrespectful. joe is like 'how am i supposed to take that seriously?' and pradeep is all "you shouldn't. i don't even know if this is serious.' even though joe told him to his face a couple of times that he was being 100% serious. anyway, the point is pradeep is being a total asshole here and joe severs the friendship and wants pradeep gone.

today's lesson is taking it from attraction to seduction and 'bouncing' -- aka instant dates/changing scenery with your target. the field challenge goal is to pick up a girl and bounce them out of the club. when the boys are getting ready, pradeep apologizes to joe, but joe's written the boy off, so he's not giving much back.

joe, kosmo, and brady all start strong. joe's locked himself a target and pradeep comes and starts with the party tricks, actively trying to take joe's girl. he then pisses the girl off. when joe asks what he did that for, pradeep just walks away. p finds himself a couple of pretty girls (meanwhile, in the mystery machine, mystery and j-dog get all gross about how hot the girls are and which they want to bang) and does an okay job of opening the set, but then they try to get away from him and he follows. then things become desperate and sad..and if anyone but pradeep is kicked off this week, it'll be pretty fucked up. who else thinks j-dog's accent is fake? kosmo gets a bounce with 2 girls. go kosmo! he's the only one that succeeds in the bounce and is therfore safe from elimination.

this week's medallion is the blue level 5 symbol of-- well, my ears tell me "dayeg" but my closed captioning tell me "Dagaz"--representing enlightment and clarity. wasn't there already an enlightenment one? brady is next safe. the last medallion goes to joe. hooray! peace out pradeep! i never liked you! (though it is hilarious and kind of appropriate to see that he uses trashbags in lieu of suitcases.)


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Pradeep is gone. But now who to make fun of?? He had the most material. I hope he leaves the pink striped shirt to the other guys.

Didn't even notice he packed with garbage bags. Hysterical!!!

Sara said...

ha. the amount of times he wore that pink striped shirt i'm sure it can walk around the house on its own.

littlejeans said...

You reviews are so thorough that I don't even watch the show anymore!

Becca said...

another fine re-cap! pradeep is gone - there is a god!

i second sandie's comment - though i wish i had seen the show, i venture to say that your re-caps might even be better than the actual show!

christine said...

your recap had me literally LOLing all over the place. what else is new.
i'd like to add that i think tara is also better/cooler than the other one. the other one was using sexy voice like throughout the lingerie 'show' and sexy voice is always redonk, if you ask me.
and then also, did you catch how after tara was like, i usually like thongs better than boy shorts, that pradeep said, 'i don't think i'd like to see a boy in those!!'
don't buy it.

Sara said...

aww thanks guys! i live to serve. a couple more things: #1 - christine - you absolutely pinpointed what i dislike about leia but couldnt' put into words....she's ALWAYS using sexy voice! like, when she's just explaining something to the boys, she says her lines like she's auditioning for a lavalife commercial. and #2 - i do recall pradeep saying that, but for some reason, it slipped right by my radar. thanks for bringing it up, as it's another important piece in the mystery that is pradeep

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, check out what I found...looks like our "Kosmo" is really an "actor"

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