Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SRC: PUA - The Master

here we are guys, at the end of quite the journey. it was fun and hilarious, but it was also sad and infuriating. i don't know if anyone caught the clip show this past week, but it was preposterous. that Mystery is definitely something else.

we enter on kosmo joining brady in the pillow room post-elimination. there is a loving hug between the two, and i think i see some kino spikeage. (i don't know what that means.) brady now thinks he's all kind of shit because he's picked up an exotic dancer, and he keeps effing saying it. nevermind that some key elements in his score were that he dropped lines about the mansion he's been living in and the limo waiting outside. nothing against strippers, believe me, but most of them are in it to get out of some sort of financial trouble, and i'm sure "mansion" and "limo" were all that girl heard or saw when she followed brady out of the club.

mystery voicemails instructs to the two to meet him that evening. they all go out for a fun night with mystery and his boys -- a "night off" from being judged, but not from picking up hot ladiez. because an mPUA never stopz with the ladiez. after some hanging out, mystery points out a couple of wallflowers that kosmo and brady have to instruct in the ways of being a pick up artist. so, just like a week ago, these boys were still struggling and now they have to teach other loveable losers mystery's magic method.

kosmo meets his dude, kip, and is like 'looks like he hasn't gotten laid in a while.' uh..i may be wrong, kos, but you still haven't either. brady's student dylan is all sorts of wrong, but brady does a good job making him over. the boys meet up at the Mystery Machine where mystery, matador and j-dog are all waiting. inexplicably, tara and leia are also there. we learn that matador and j-dog (and the girls) will be watching the action from the inside.

dylan seems to be ok with approaching sets, but he swears like a sailor and brady stumbles a little when it comes to instructing. dylan does manage to pull a girl away from her set and have a conversation with her. kosmo is next with kip. kip is a little more socially awkward and seems averse to the more asshole-ish lines. he opens a set, but doesn't get too far with them. kip freezes and kosmo sees himself in his student and amps it up. kip brings 2 girls to the couch and gets numbers. score for kosmo! mystery and his wingmen meet the boys outside (i guess tara and leia are clubbing it up) to evaluate their performances before deciding the winner of the final medallion (the red symbol of Purtho, representing the end of one journey and the beginning of another), the $50,000 and the title of Master Pick Up Artist. Brady is spazzing out a little, Kosmo is tearing up. And Mystery's chosen one is...KOSMO!!! Yeah!! He cries. I'm proud of this guy. Sorry you turned into an ass, Brady!

Thanks everyone for reading!! You all really kept me going. :D


Erin Leigh said...

I kinda wished Brady would have won. Also, did you miss that the minner gets to travel the Globe for a year maxing with Mystery? Maybe Brady won after all...

Becca said...

I am sad that the pickup artist is over! no more re-caps?!! NOOOOO!!!!!

pardon me while i cry alone in my apartment for a few days.

Kip said...

Tara was Hot I gave her my number while there.