Sunday, September 30, 2007

fun with interstate travel

i took a very quick trip home to good old pennsylvania this week, which was awesome. i can do that thing right now because i quit my job! i could fill up an entire page of posts about not working, but they are neither interesting nor funny so i will tell you about an interesting encounter i had at a rest stop on the jersey turnpike.

i stopped at the woodrow wilson (i think) rest stop to get some gas, and when i pull up to the pump to tell the guy to fill it up with regular and hand him my credit card, he sort of lingers when he takes the card and then walks off to pump the gas. he then proceeds to squeegee my front window with the most care anyone has ever cleaned that car (god knows that i sure as hell never clean it). cleaning the front window in and of itself is not miraculous, sometimes nice/bored attendants do this, but here's the kicker - he then proceeds to squeegee the entire back window with the utmost care as well! i have never in the thousands of times i have taken the jersey turnpike ever had anyone squeegee my back window. turned out that my suspicions were true, this gas station attendant had a crush on me. when he brought my card back i gave him a dollar for all his hard work and he called me beautiful. i still don't know if this guy did all that for a tip, but it sure did work.

basically, i am using this post to announce to everyone my engage.....just kidding! i wouldn't marry a guy who pumps gas at a rest stop.....yet......

telling this story also reminds me of the time that a toll collector on the jersey turnpike gave me a candy cane (about 2 weeks after christmas)....which was a rather pleasant surprise.....which i did not eat.


christine said...

once i was driving on rt 2 in massachusetts and hada stop for a whiz. i went to a gas station where i parked my car, walked in, took care of biz, and went to leave. the fella behind the counter said something like this,
"um you're our 100th customer so this is for you"
and hands me a red, gas station rose. i took it and thanked him and graciously opted not to point out that i wasn't technically a customer, i'd just borrowed their plumbing.
ultimately i would have rather had sparkling windshields, but i'll take what i can get.

Becca said...


if a gas station rose isn't true love, i don't know what is....especially when you aren't even a paying customer!