Monday, September 10, 2007

mark your calendars people!

i was excited to find out that queens (my borough of choice) is getting in on the restaurant week action at the end of this month like manhattan and brooklyn. in case it's new to you, during restaurant week, restaurants provide a reasonably priced 3 course meal (in this case it's $20.07). it's usually a good way to sample the food at nice restaurants you might not normally be able eat at.

here's a link to the list of participating restaurants
(you have to click on the restaurant week poster thing)

and now here is my question. why the hell is white castle on this list?!

i really am curious what $20.07 prix fix meal at white castle is comprised of....


Sara said...

maybe white castle is a little more prestigious ever since being featured in ugly betty

Becca said...

hmmm...perhaps ugly betty coupled with the the lasting success of harold and kumar go to white castle = fine dining?

btw - i didn't see it featured in ugly betty. did they make it look like all fancy or something?

Sara said...'s kind of a long story. episode-long