Wednesday, October 03, 2007

FRC: Kid Nation - Chaw Chee Chaw Chee

I apologize for my tardiness, I had a busy week.

I wonder if any parent will use this show as punishment for their brats? "If you don't clean your room RIGHT NOW, i'll send you to KID NATION!!" After about a half-hour of previouslys...which, if you saw the show and read/wrote my recap, were completely unnecessary...we get started with some chickens. 18 to be exact. some kid flips out about how he's never felt a warm egg. i have. in my mouth. we meet emilie (9) who may or may not be important but she says she breaks wild mustangs (resist...fat...joke..) so i'm gonna go ahead and remember her name. i effing love how matter of fact laurel is with her accent. the town council reads the old journal, which talks about wanting fresh meat, and encourages the kids to consider killing the chickens. as if this weren't awesome enough, the footage of the town council reading is intercut with footage of the town lovin all over the chickens and exclaiming how soft they are. the town council takes the idea back to the rest and there is general uproar. i am enjoying how all these kids know that they need protein. emilie is quite upset. greg the 15 year old talks about how he's butchered all sorts of creatures. watch out for this kid. i hope they don't kill them all at once...they're talkin like they want to. a vote is taken and the protein lovers win. young emilie approaches town council and assures them that she will leave if they kill a chicken. and, judging by the looks of her, i'm sure she'll go home and enjoy the chicken someone else has killed for her. she stages a sit-in with a handful of others to protest the killing. i knew this bitch would be trouble. one girls asks if the chicken will be killed like saddam hussein was. i find this weird. here's something else -- diva that she can be, i love taylor. she takes control of the protesters and they strike a deal to only kill 2 chickens, with no requirement to perform or witness the killing. not only does taylor get emilie to accept the killing, but she gets the whole group of rioters to cheer for their upcoming poultry feast. greg does the dirty work. of course. he also educates the group (minus emilie, who fled after the first killing) on how to pluck the chicken. apparently, sophia's back in the kitchen because she takes charge of cooking.

zach (10) is pissed at his leader, taylor, for encouraging their district to shirk their responsibilities. she refuses to do dishes, and on cold mornings, refuses to get out of bed. the green team is pissed that they are doing yellow's job for them. there's a mini water crisis and michael is again noted for his helpfulness in this situation.

this week's double dare showdown is...kind of difficult. they have to connect piping from a pump to a waterwheel, through outhouses, etc...while water is under an hour. during the challenge, we find out that greg has done a lot of PVC work and knows how to connect a sprinkler system. who is this kid? blue wins upper class, red are merchants, yellow again are cooks and green again laborers. It comes down to the final seconds for green to get in under an hour...and they do not do it in time, just barely missing out. the prizes they lose for the town were either a 45 foot heated water slide (weird) or several more water pumps around town that are freeze resistant. how sad.

emilie starts again with the chickens, locking herself in the coop. she's kind of a tool. she gets kicked out and considers leaving bonanza. the town council discuss who gets the gold star. taylor and anjay think greg should get it, laurel and mike think it should be michael. greg killed, cleaned and cut the chickens, helps with the chores even though he's upper class, and is an all around superman. michael is good at motivational speeches and getting the water pump to unfreeze. i love michael and all, but that water pump is kind of his job. mike thinks greg is only helpful because he wants the gold star. which--duh. that's the point. they should all be fighting for that star. mike just hates greg. and maybe feels bad that he didn't do shit when he was upper class.

town council meeting -- everyone's mad at taylor and yellow for not doing their job well. nobody decides to leave. the council awards the star to michael. greg really should've gotten it. he thinks so too, and he's pissed.

final kid count: 39 final chicken count: 16

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