Thursday, July 19, 2007

With a heavy heart...

I'd like to report that my cable box, one that i was in possession of for approximately 1.5 weeks, decided to shit out on me yesterday. So much so that when the hottie cable guy walked into my living room today (though i'm sad to report that my life did not turn into a porn here) and took one look at it, he said "Woah, that box is baaaad." (that line would have appropriately led into the porn i think, especially with my friend bill's brilliant suggestion of responding with 'Well you should see my other one.')

you might now find yourself saying, "Sara, what the fuck does this have to do with me?" Well, i'll tell you what -- in addition to losing a cold case episode, a crappy kate hudson horror movie, and that sassy movie about a black woman getting her love life turned around by a hunky cracker, i lost the last two episodes of Hey Paula that i had yet to watch and recap. it hurts me more than you know. but i guess i'm all caught up now? and, knowing bravo, there will be reruns if i happen upon episodes i haven't seen yet, you'll hear about it here.

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