Saturday, July 14, 2007

SRC: Hey Paula! You ask for it!

Argh! Silly stupid me forgot this show was on thursdays, and now i am still two episodes behind. i don't think i've seen the very first ep yet and now this past week's. The good news is i only have one more age of love ep to catch up with to be on top of that. The following paragraph covers the Hey Paula episode in which Paula cries, gets free shit, and gets another award.

Paula wants to know what to do to stop people thinking she does drugs. I say she should probably stop doing drugs. or at least going out in public after she does them. She very emphatically says "I DON'T DO -- recreational -- DRUGS!!" Very suspect. Drugs or no, Paula, you act like a loopy that's what is probs ruining your rep. Paula cries about it at her meeting. awkward. at a gifting event, she picks up a necklace and says "oh, just $300,00! Just another 300 years of american idol." are you telling us you make $1,000 a season paula? Girl, why do you always make your assistants tip for you!? carry some cash around woman! i would HATE to work for her. Paula is BAT SHIT CRAZY!

i'm sensing a theme for each ep, and it is as follows:

paula works so hard that she's super exhausted (though..we never really see her work..we just see her say how exhausted she is) she has an event that she shows up late to. she borrows cash from her staff (vending machines, tips, starbucks, etc). there's some complaining about being mistreated. then she says a bunch of crazy shit, cries, gets the 'truth' out, and ends the ep with a smile.


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ricky said...

i wonder how many recreational drugs are required to be her assistant.