Thursday, July 19, 2007

SRC: Hey Paula! Stop Crying!!

The episode wherein Paula plays a prank, gets fired from Bratz, and goes on Letterman.

In an effort to really get into the mind of Paula, I am starting this recap a couple beers in...

Is it just me..or wasn't the show's theme song "straight up"? Paula is terrible at playing it cool after a prank. you can't tell me this bitch is sober. she also didn't even take the jerky out of the package!!

Paula, listen to me, it is a blessing that your services are no longer required with the Bratz movie. for real. stop crying. it makes your eyes go wonky. also, real classy that she was told by email at two in the morning.

Paula loses her earring and the only place she keeps checking is her ear. Trust me. It's not there. Paula's hair/makeup stylist looks like a supergay version of my high school drama teacher, mr. hale.

Paula is A TRAINWRECK!! Take control of your own life. also, if flights are cancelled due to weather, it's usually gonna affect most of the airlines. just fyi.

Yeah, consultant, you're only there for moral support. i'm sure...that's what paula had a full on break down over...him not being there for moral support. is that what's on those index cards there, P? Moral support? And...maybe i missed this in last week's episode, but did her publicist quit yet? because he's not around here.

just say it, new assistant, paula is difficult.

What are you saying, mushmouth? You're WASTED!!

I'd be scared too, crazy fan girl.

And now let's see if Paula fulfilled our episode checklist this week:

√ Paula "works so hard" that she's "super exhausted"
√ Paula has an event that she shows up late to.
_ Paula borrows cash from her staff
√ Complains about being mistreated
√ Paula says a bunch of crazy shit,
√ Paula cries
_ Paula gets the 'truth' out

Five out of Seven...not bad


ricky said...

Good call on the episode checklist. I may have been wrong about this show, as there's definitely a sense of "didn't i watch this last week" going on.

maybe paula's rubbing off on me.

and weren't the most minor things stretched out forever? how long was she whining about her hair guy not being there?

Sara said...

and she cries about everything!! this show can be an enjoyable trainwreck to watch, but it's really making me hate paula more and more

Anonymous said...

I think you're being too hard on paula. She is a talent and a national treasure. Sure, some times she can be a tad over dramatic, but who wouldn't be with the weight of the world on their shoulders. You must forgive her for wearing her heart on her sleeve, and forgive yourself for not. God bless Paula Poundstone.

Becca said...

amen to that bill t!