Sunday, July 15, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, ep 4

I wish one lady from each group weren't knocked off each week -- it really doesn't make it a battle of the ages, as it's been an even playing field so far.

We are down to Kelly (40), Maria (42), Jayanna (39--Wait a second...), Jen - 48 and Mary (24), Amanda (25), Tessa (23), and Megan (21). This week, the kittens and cougars move in together.

Mary cries again. What a fucking shocker. We start off with a triathlon between the youngies and the oldies, where the finish line is Mark in a yacht. First three to reach him get to hang with Mark and have yacht sex. Oh, cute! They start off on bicycles built for two ^_^ These bitches are weak! They have to jog after the bike ride and this is where they all crap out. The old ladies cramp up, the youngies twist ankles and shit. Tessa gets an ambulance for her injury and is DQ'd. and i don't mean dairy queen'd. Jayanna wins, followed by Amanda, with Kelli coming in 3rd. Mary CRIES ABOUT IT!! UGH! Jen doesn't even bother with the paddling. Well..she is 48. at least she wasn't the one in the woo woo bus.

Amanda is head over heels for Mark and I think she might kill the other contestants in a jealous rage. Next, they all go play tennis. Tessa, the Jennie Garth-looking gimp winces through her pain to participate. The 40's win both games, but tessa wins an individual date with mark for her efforts.

Jayanna disses the youngies and would you believe it, Mary CRIES!! A short while later, to the surprise of everyone, Mary cries. On Tessa's individual date with Mark, she talks about how much Amanda likes him. Woops.

Mark gets final one on one time with everyone before elimination. Tess is first, and she explains why she made that bad move, but i'm still unclear. and so is mark (spoiler alert). Jayanna is next, she wisely uses her five minutes to make the hell out with mark. Maria busts him for kissing everyone. Then kisses him. Amanda the cuckoo bird slowly sheaths her knife whilst glaring at her competition. Then cries to Mark and, in my opinion, puts her lead position in jeopardy by showing her insecurities. She tells Mark that when he kissed her, she thought of him kissing Kelli. Mark kind of awesomely replies, "when?" (as in..which of the thousands of times that i've kissed kelli could you be referring to?). Megan something somethings. Mary doesn't cry. o_o Jen asks Mark to kiss her and knocks his socks off. Secret weapon.

Eliminations. Mark dumps Tessa. She shot herself in the foot. Hopefully not the same one with the sprained ankle, because it would be hilarious watching her try to walk. He dumps Kelli of the oldies. Inexplicably. I think it was gonna be Jen until that kiss of hers. Or maybe amanda threated to cut off his peen if he didn't cut kelli loose.

don't forget to watch tomorrow's ep! unfortunately, it doesn't seem that they'll be rerunning last week's ep tomorrow, but you can always catch them online!

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