Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, ep 5

Mary cry count this episode: 9. for real.

Mark has to choose 3 of the 6 remaining women to go with him to the beach. he decides on megan, mary, and maria. when megan announces that they are to bring their bathing suits, you can hear mary get exasperated and maybe start to cry. i did not count that in the cry counter. amanda is all psychotic about how she wasn't chosen and crazily cleans the house to avoid getting sucked into her craziness.

megan gets chosen to take a walk with mark. mary, quite annoyingly, intrudes on their walk and is rightly treated like a third wheel. for the second time (that we've seen), he cuts her off midsentence by noticing something in the distance and walking towards it. When they return to the apartment, amanda tries to kill megan with eye rays when she finds out that they had special time. next, jayanna and amanda share a date with mark and the three of them see a movie together. he takes jayanna outside for a drink, and while they're gone, amanda eyes the hanging drapery to see which she can most effectively use to strangle jayanna during the flick. amanda has special time with mark after the movie and its like this: crazy crazy psycho crazy LOVE blink blink drool.

Jen feels neglected until she gets her own motorcycle date with mark. woah. mary is about to lose it. the oldies are such good sports about sharing and the youngies are such jealous brats. don't they know what they signed on for here?! at the top of mulholland drive, jen unleashes her secret weapon once more and makes out with mark. woo woo! Oh god. mary is psychotic. she cries to the other 20's about how mark doesn't seem interested and sister, there could not be a worse crowd for you to complain to here. after the bike ride, jen and mark go to play pool. she whips his ass and makes out with him again. damn, girl! when jen gets home, she tells the 20's of her day. she's totally braggin to them and it's kind of awesome how she does it. you sly cougar you. i think amanda has a box of pencils under her blanket that she's snapping in two one by one.

mark only has to send one girl home tonight and my money's on mary. maria again threatens to walk. we'll see if she pulls through this time.

jen, megan, jayanna and amanda all are asked to stay. amanda nearly had a coronary when she wasn't called right away. i think she might have made a mistake by basically telling mark how in love/obsessed with him she is.

it's down to mary and maria and while maria prepares herself to back out, she gives mary a pep talk about loving herself. then it seems like they might make out, the two of them. maria even puts her hand on mary's bosom. woo woo. things are kind of awkward for everyone else while they wait for all of this to happen. maria is called up first. again, she is honest with him, but still mark asks her to stay and maria doesn't know what to do. there's a lot of weird cackling from maria, poor mary awkwardly stands there, maria decides to stay. and after all that, mary finally gets the boot. maria's talk must've done something for mary, because she makes it through her whole speech to mark without crying. then she cries all over amanda once it's done.

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adrienne said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I was DYING that I had to miss this episode. Well not dying . . . but yeah well maybe. Rehearsals ruin my reality TV fixin's . . .