Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, ep 6

Man, it feels like its been so long since i've hung out with these bitches. i missed them. also, do you think jayanna, age 39, hates being grouped as a 40-something?

We come in on the ladies calling Maria out for backing out of her promise of leaving a second time, which i think is fair for them to do. i think maria probably suspected she'd be getting the boot both times that promise was made, and was just saying that to save face in case she was the one eliminated. then, jayanna talks about how silly it is to be 'in love' with mark so quickly (Amanda) and how nobody should be naive enough to think they are the only 'special' ones there.

They all go camping together and i guess they're going to ditch someone in the woods because we are told one lady isn't coming back. At the campsite, Maria and Jen each make out with Mark. then, they all get wasted and play truth or dare. haha, Jayanna totally hates maria now. they all think she's cheesy and laugh in her face, which i would've done if i were there because she created a very awkward situation out of a simple truth or dare question. then maria turns into 'that girl' and starts drunkenly crying about feminism or something. she picks a fight with jen and jen is all 'fuck that noise'. then jayanna picks a fight with the youngies. whoda thunk the youngies would come off as more mature here. mark makes jen apologize to maria, and jen, showing how awesome she, apologizes...even though she wasn't laughing at women, as maria accused her of, she was laughing at maria for being a cheeseball.

Mark takes jayanna on a special walk after his walk with megan. while they are gone, amanda talks with maria (when did she become the youngies' mentor?) about how she's realizing that maybe she isn't as special in this pack of ladies as she thought she was. i'm nervous that her crazy fever is on the verge of breaking..in a violent way. mark's walk with jayanna is xtra special because there are lights and a hammock. it's funny how wasted they all are.

meanwhile, back at camp, amanda is a psychopath. she decides to go find mark and jayanna & break up their special time because she's nuts. amanda doesn't find them, so, because she's nuts, decides to wait for mark in his tent so they can have some alone time. i think she might rape him. jayanna makes a play for booty and gets shot down. surprisingly, and maybe for fear of his life, mark does not toss amanda out on her ass when he finds her waiting. amanda tells mark that jayanna's been putting 'he says that to all the girls' ideas in her head. he, of course, being a man dating multiple women, says it's not true. even though we've seen that it is.

i'm totally rooting for jen or megan. they're the only ones that don't piss me off and aren't acting like crazy girls. jen is first safe. amanda next, followed by maria. it's down to megan and jayanna. megan because she admitted that she doesn't know how she feels about mark and jayanna for putting truths in amanda's head. oh shit! jayanna gets the boot! that's what she gets for being so confident. shit. mark is pissed at her! and it's because stupid fucking crazy amanda whined to mark about it. he's so mad! they don't even kiss goodbye. jayanna honorably shares her side, says amanda twisted her words, and then gets left alone at the campsite.


your wife said...


Woah. Woah woah woah! It's going to be Jen. Please let it be Jen. She is awesome.

Becca said...

oh my god. i am such a loser, i freaking fell asleep during age of love again!

thank the lord for your recaps.

i'm rooting for jen too.