Thursday, July 12, 2007

SRC: Hey Paula! You CRAZY!!

So, I've decided that i'm probably not going to do an ep to ep recapping of Hey Paula, mainly because every single one would look like this:

Paula is a HOT MESS!!! OMG!!! No she didn't!!! Paula is bat shit crazy!! She did what?!?!? That bitch is on the sauce! I'll have what she's having!!

and so on... I know this after seeing just one episode. But I beg everyone out there...if you have Bravo and want to see a hilarious train wreck in slow motion, then tune in every thursday. just because i'm not recapping each episode, don't mean there won't be loads to discuss.


ricky said...

please recap this....if only to see that same commentary over and over again....i mean what else do you have going -- the singing bee?

Sara said...

well ok, i'll see what i can do here. that little blurb counts as the recap for the ep wherein she accepts a fashion award, makes perfume, and does news interviews, though

littlejeans said...

I saw a scant 5 minutes, where Paula was dissed by someone who was working for her. She cried because she had to pay for her own QVC jewelry?! I would have cried, too.

christine said...

i've never been famous, and i've always packed for my own trips (well except i suppose when i was a wee baby) , so it should go without saying that i can't relate to having an assistant who picks out my travel sweats. overall, i felt that the tight pants limo incident was a bit of a dude whoa. like, pick your own pants, paula! but then also, that paula-sized sweater really didn't need a whole pair of pants underneath its monstrous enormousness. i mean, right?
bat shit crazy. for reals.