Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a message from sara

hello. i'm sara. you may know me from such things as this blog, or, life. i wanted to explain my recent absence - as becca mentioned, i was in the middle of a move. and because i was moving from a tiny room where all the furniture i had to my name was two bookshelves and a desk into an entire apartment with rooms like a kitchen and a living room, i had to buy furniture and stuff to keep me occupied. and then i had to put it all together. all the while, i had my mother in tow. so, i didn't want to be rude and watch reality shows and post about them whilst my mom twiddled her thumbs. oh also, i just got the cablez and the internetz back last friday. so i have a lot of catching up to do... three eps of Hey Paula and two of Age of Love -- i'll do my best to give them their proper due in a timely manner.

the most exciting thing you guys have missed in my life is that i gave an old lady the finger. it was quite a rush.

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