Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it would make fainting safer...

My dear brother brought this link to my attention, which shows a (crazy) lady's invention of what she calls a Pillowig, a wearable pillow. i turned into veruca salt and told him to give it to me now (i also requested a feast. a bean feast). Sure, it could be (kind of) useful and way hilarious-looking on my many travels, but i mostly wanted to be able to sit up in the morning and have my pillow follow my head.

i'd like to point out some of my favorite things from that site:

- how the lady decides to wash her pillowig in the washing machine with her head still attached
-that the lady dresses in an all-black puppeteer (or stagehand's) outfit, leading me to believe that at night, she just looks like a floating pillow.
-that she found friends
-the engrish in the description at the very bottom of the page


pico de gallo said...

Turns me on.

Becca said...

i kind of love this.