Friday, July 27, 2007

Hey Paula! I'm Over It!

Ugh. So, I'm not going to do Reality Corner write ups of Hey Paula anymore. I don't think many of you watch it regularly anyway and it really is just the same shit every week. And also, Paula's a total asshole, so it's not even as fun to watch as it used to be.


christine said...

i literally have my cable box set to turn onto bravo, for i love it so. and when hey paula commercials started airing every 15 mins, i thought to myself: now this is the kind of train wreck i can't wait to tune into!
but sometimes a train wreck is just a train wreck. a train wreck that blames everyone else for everything and just needs to calm down. and maybe get a good night's sleep. and eat a sandwich.
so i no longer even watch it, which isn't my usual style.

so the point is: yeah, jump ship. homegirl's a mess and not in the fun-to-watch way.

Sara said...

thanks for the support stine. ricky has jumped ship as well

ricky said...

yeah this show sux. i guess this is what feels like when doves cry.