Friday, July 13, 2007

SRC: Age of Love, ep 3

I really think the editors of this show want us to hate the 20's. And if that's true, they should get a raise, because my tolerance for those bitches is running really low. The producers trick Kelli (40's) and Amanda (25) into thinking that they have one on one dates with Mark, when really the two have 60 minutes to share a date. whoever mark is with at the end, gets to spend dessert with him. Ps, Amanda is the one I think is totally hid. Mark loves her smile, I think she's all smile. and it ain't pretty.

In the meantime, the 20's have to make a group date for the 40's and vice versa.

oh SNAP!! mark totally wanted dessert with Amanda, but Kelli strategically talked until the timer ran out and Mark so politely didn't want to interrupt, so he was stuck with Old Kelli. Those 40's are so clever.

The group date for the youngies is a kids birthday party. Mark totally disses the one i hate (24 - Mary) in he walks away from her while she's in the middle of a sentence. hahaha. take that crybaby. Mark chooses adelaide (26) to spend more time with.

The oldies group date is a senior citizens waterobics class. And the youngies may have messed up here, because these ladies don't look bad in bathing suits. Mark chooses maria to hang with, but she ain't feeling it.

Elimination- Maria says that she's planning on leaving tonight because she doesn't feel the connection and she doesn't want to waste anyone's time. I respect that she's actually looking for love and not just to win.

SHOCKER!! - Mark dumps Adelaide!!! Based on a bad kiss. that's all it takes sometimes. Damn. It was between her and my archnemesis Mary too. That means mary is staying. boo.

Maria decides not to leave after all when she hears mark wants her to stay. she does, however, tell mark she was planning on leaving and what he needs to do for her to want to stay. still respectable i think. poor lynn gets dumped for being shy.

Next ep: the broads move in together. Shit's going down!!

Also, I think it's interesting that the youngies are fiercely competitive with and jealous of each other (in addition to the oldies), while the oldies are pretty supportive of their group and view their enemies as the youngies.


christine said...

oh will some helpful coolface please tell me when this show is on? i gotta see it and i simply must bring these recaps to life in mine own living room.

meanwhile i wanted to also, on this stopby and readthrough, say that i, never having seen the show and never having met a young woman named adelaide, think that adelaide is about the epitome of an old lady name. next thing you'll be telling me that one of the twenties is named gladys..!
(there isn't such a 20, is there?)

ps i think adelaide is a pretty name. it just brings to my mind a little old lady.

Sara said...

monday nights darling...i think the new episode is on at nine, and they play the previous week's ep at eight.

Sara said...

also, i think it would be hilarious if all the 20's had old lady names. gladys, adelaide, ethel, eunice, mabel, mildred and pearl. i think we've got ourselves a new show!