Friday, November 30, 2007

i can has?

in honor of poor heather's antm departure, i wanted to do something special to let her and the world know that i'm still on team heather (even though i dropped her from my team...7th place bitches!!) brainstorming with my brother, i thought it might be a genius idea to make a website devoted to her filled with all lolheathers and it would be called "" brother made the very good point that it would be difficult to make a whole website out of just that. i helped validate his point by adding "especially if she's never on any other shows". so we'll start slow...and who knows, maybe one day it could be filled with a variety of peeps (i'm sure at least one of the kid nation kids could qualify).

caption from brother, screenshot from fourfour. speaking of fourfour, check out this post- not only is there a jade update, but there's so much top model info that you should just go there and read it instead of me telling you what it says.

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