Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The girls are packing to go to china and bianca gets irritated at heather. i'm so curious about the relationship between these two because at first glance, it seems as though they don't get along. heather annoys bianca, so bianca is mean in return. but then there are shots of the two of them having a heart to heart or bianca giving heather advice. but bianca's pretty evil so maybe this is as much as a black nub heart like hers can love.

in shanghai, the girls show off their ni hao...what we'll soon learn is the only word they were prepared with. they go to their awesome penthouse and are greeted by tyra mail. i will not repeat the joke i made at this point to my brother, but he and i can just take a moment to remember that. and i'm back. the six run to their room and find that there are five beds...four twin and one super king. saleisha decides she wants me to hate her by claiming the king and being unwilling to share with heather (caught without a bed). saleisha sticks with her decision and says she won't share a bed unless it's with a male. oh, but you'll shower with everyone? weird. why doesn't someone just tell her to take a twin so someone else can share? she's being such an on purpose brat. the worst kind. bianca calls heather a joke.

chantal wins me over by helping heather out. bianca and jenah say they'll share so everyone can have a bed. see that? she was mean but she helped. bianca says that heather needs to learn how to stand up for herself. as evil as she is, she's usually right.

the girls go to shanghai studios to learn martial arts stuff. they must perform these positions whilst being hoisted in the air by a huge crane and four men. here's where we learn that bianca now has a fear of heights. jenah and chantal are first. they suck. lisa and saleisha are next. lisa works through her fear of heights. bianca and heather are next and bianca is not confident she'll be able to do it. she flips out and hilariously ponders how she can trust the four guys when she doesn't even trust some family members. heather tries to talk her through it. bianca makes a feeble attempt at going off the ground, but then screams to be taken down and is disqualified. heather goes alone and is impressive enough to win the challenge. she must've been thankful for chantal's earlier chivalry, because she chooses to share her shopping spree challenge win with chantal. ouch for bianca, who couldn't stop talking about wanting to go shopping. heather says she would've picked bianca but it was time to dole out the tough love. heather and bianca are secretly in love i bet.

it's time for another covergirl commercial. this time though, they don't have to do it in a foreign language. they are subpar as usual. ackshuloly, saleisha and chantal are decent. heather is particularly bad.

heather is covergirl of the week again. the judges loved chantal's commercial and shoot. they think heather's pic was great but were discouraged by her commercial. j. alexander thinks saleisha has plateaued. nigel doesn't like jenah as a person. the judges think bianca is beautiful but could be more.

chantal is called first, followed by saleisha, bianca and then jenah. lisa has died inside and heather has asperger's, so lisa goes home. next week: go-sees. i think it'll be between heather and...i wanna say chantal, but she shows personality better than jenah. any of you have predictions?

sarah jessica parker
i'm not gonna do a full project runway recap here because i just got home from oklahoma yesterday and it's late right it wasn't exciting enough for me to want to sit through again. off the top of my head...sarah jessica parker commissioned a two piece affordable outfit that "may be" put in her 'bitten' line. similar to the miss america pageant dress last season, they all had to pitch to sjp individually and she chose half that she would like to see made. from there, the chosen ones picked teammates and had 15 dollars to realize their designs (the outfit had to retail for $40). some of these guys were hyperventillating all over themselves about sjp. i'm not gonna remember what all the teams were...but i think victorya won (correct me if i'm wrong) and the bottom teams were carmen and marco (i think his real name is christian, but he reminds me of the gay kid from degrassi) and marion and steven. marion and steven were more boring, and the atrocity came from the mind of marion, so he went home. did i miss anything?

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