Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i'm a failure

here i am with an apology and blame...i've had a couple days where i've been up 21-23 hours, a couple weekend days that i've been working, blah blah blah, point is i'm still not all caught up with my dvr or with kid nation. now, i was never planning on doing a top model recap for last week because it was a clip show, but i am going to have to postpone kid nation again (show me hands of anyone who cares). when i do get back on track with that, i'll do a brief summary of what we missed...but it also might not come back considering project runway starts next week, and i'll probably drop kid nation if i can't do all three. (why must they all be on wednesday?!)

as an apology, check out this music video that becca and i were in. our screentime was a total of about 5 seconds, but it's a cute vid and you can see how much becca and i love each other.


also, if you check out Slutfire's myspace page, you'll see they have two new songs up. because of geographic differences, i'm no longer playing in the band, but i did write "ugly roadie". yes!

i'll be back to form soon i hope.

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