Sunday, November 18, 2007

FRC: ANTM - Model Wasteland

Heather is super bummed over Sarah's departure and is taking it a lot harder than any pervious oustings. The first Tyramail has the word aMUSE in it and chantal thinks that tyra is going to teach them how to be inspiring. if only it were that easy, chantal. benny ninja is back AGAIN and seriously, B, cool it. Thrice is enough. the girls have some sort of project runway challenge where they pair up with fashion design students and make a dress out of an existing large, matronly dress. oh yeah, make fun of the fatties now that sarah is gone. lisa's designer asks her about herself and she says she "likes to draw and show her legs." well, the stripper thing gets clearer and clearer each day, doesn't it. the winner of the challenge will appear in some jewelry ad in their holiday issue.

on the runway, the girls must tell the crowd some backstory about the design, which trips heather up. lisa also does miserably. bianca and jenah do well in my opinion, but the judges choose saleisha as a winner. she chooses bianca and lisa to be in the shoot with her. heather takes the judges criticism rather harshly and it affects her 'tude for the rest of the evening and for the next day's photo shoot.

there is some weird and stupid (and they always shower together?) shower drama and heather flips her shit.

the girls go out to the desert (but not to, as a friend suggested, make a spice girls video) and are told that they will be photographed with a flaming car.

BIANCA - looks awesome...pigford-arc in full effect
HEATHER - is kind of lost. the poor challenge performance and evaluation killed her confidence, but its her first misstep. the pic is not terrible, but its definitely not her best.
CHANTAL - anything but modest. turns out a great photo though.
SALEISHA - her hair looks cute like this.
AMBREAL - go home!
JENAH - fab as usual. the pic is great.
LISA - does not do a fantastic job here.

there's more stupid shower shit that's just heather redirecting her frustration.

During the judge introductions, there are weird chinese dragon puppets randomly popping up in the background. then a big ol' lion comes prancing out. a chinese one that's really people, not like, mufasa. tyra announces that they are all going to china!!!! guys with swords come out, there is general ado. it's no "australia, hop to it!!" but she's trying. tyra breaks the news that someone still has to get the fuck out though. bianca is called first, followed by jenah, saleisha, chantal, and heather. its between lisa and ambreal. like there's any question. see ya ambreal.

so a few weeks ago, i was so fed up with dropping someone from my team who would then earn mad points, that i decided i would revert to my original team and leave it alone. well, i never reverted back to my original three (lisa, saleisha, heather) but i've left it alone with bianca, lisa, and heather. this team has gotten me some points, but my original three have really been raking it in recently and of course i'm kicking myself for not going back. my wife made a good point that commercials are next (and probs in a foreign language) which doesn't bode well for heather. since we're down to a low number, should i satart playing the game again? should i forgive jenah for being fug in real life and stunning in pics and just put her on my team already? does any of this matter? honestly though, i think it'll be between chantal and lisa going home next week...and i think the top three will be bianca, saleisha, and jenah. do you guys have top three predictions yet?

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