Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gossip Girl Insight of the Week

We all know I loves me some Gossip Girl, but I must reproduce a quote here that's really spot on. I obsessively read TWOP's recaps for about 60% of the shows i watch because usually they're funny...though sometimes i read them to get tidbits of info that i missed during the show. Basically, I read enough of these that I have favorite recappers (Potes, M. Giant) and ones that I don't love as much (Jacob). Jacob does the American Idol Recaps as well as Gossip Girl and is prone to ridiculous self-indulgent tangents and i just want to reach through the screen sometimes and say "all i want is a hilarious recap, don't try and wow me with your weird brain!!" anyway, i would just stop reading them, but I watch gossip girl with a group of 3 to 7 girls every week and i have a hard time following the story sometimes, so Jacob keeps me in check. Here is something he said about last week's ep that is so hilariously true, i wanted to share it with other gg fans out there to see if you guys agree:

I am so confused by the timeline of this show because sometimes they're at school and it's the middle of the night and sometimes half of them are at school and the other half are at a strip club and sometimes they're having dinner before or during breakfast. The snow is constantly coming down in June on this show.



Becca said...

i have to start watching this show!!

erin leigh said...

It's true that the show does not make much linear sense, but is sure does make entertainment sense! I am in love with Dan.