Monday, November 05, 2007

a short halloween crime drama

since we are all still coming down from our post halloween sugar highs - here's one last halloween post for the year......and it's vintage story, dating back to the early's not that funny simply because it's true.

so after trick or treating my brother and i would meticulously go about counting how much candy we got. i would simply throw mine back in my trick-or-treat bag, while my brother would continue to separate every candy by type into very well organized little groups on his bedroom floor. we came home from school the next day excited to dig into our candy stash when my brother realizes that lo and behold someone had eaten every last one of his tootsie rolls. they had however, left every other candy untouched! it was before ambien hit the it wasn't mom sleep eating.....there was only one person in our house it could have been, and that was this sly little fox:

Maisie horizontal.jpgnimation

don't let that cute little teddy bear face fool you...mazie was a gangster. man, back in my day - it was a dog eat tootsie roll world out there.

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