Friday, November 30, 2007

FRC: ANTM - As-BYE-gers

Heather laments her position in the previous panel's bottom two and everyone tries to make a big deal about how heather had to do a line by line reading for her commercial. umm, every cycle at least three girls have to do this. chill.

the challenge this week is go-sees. (eee!) they each get a translator to help them with the cab, but once out of the car, they must find the place on their own. heather has extreme difficulty with this. i think her and jenah will be in the bottom with heather going home. calling it. bianca does really well, chantal does alright (aside from forgetting to wear nude underoos on go-see day. idiot.) and saleisha gets called dull by one desinger (snap!). jenah gets told that her walk was terrible. saleisha makes it back to the agency first and bianca gets in just under the wire. the rest of the girls are LATE!!! will they ever learn? they get thrown into a fiery pit as punishment. jenah was fifteen minnutes late with chantal five minutes behind her. heather i think came in the next day. she somehow misplaced her cab. or, as she adorably kept calling it, her "cabbie". bianca wins the challenge and gets to appear in the 2008 beijing olympics ad. weird...because the picture they used has nothing to do with olympics or beijing.

the shoot this week will be photographed by the sexy nigel barker. the girls must stand out amongst chinese lions and dragons. (o mai!) jenah pulls a caridee and says something stupid to nigel. none of the girls seem to have knocked it out of the park on this one.

the judges like chantal's picture, love bianca's body language (but not her facial expression), are nervous about jenah's personality, loved everything about saleisha, and are surprised by heather's sexy. four girls are going to beijing and one girl is going home.

saleisha is called first, followed by bianca and chantal. jenah is not very likeable and heather has asperger's, but the two-time curse gets heather this week (watch your back next time jenah), so jenah gets to go to beijing. evil bianca gets a hint of a smile on her face. HOWEVER, when heather is hugging bianca goodbye, bianca affectionately grabs heather's chin. LOVERS! who wants to bet that heather will continue getting covergirl of the week?

on a side note...isn't it weird how the fadeout picture with two blond salts and two short haired peppers make it seem like we're all seeing double?

on another side note: Thanks to my wife for pointing it out, I am 7th on the leaderboard with my antm fantasy team for this week's scores! wooo!! i'm still 501st place overall, but for the week, i'm a star! i even got a trophy for my genius efforts.

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