Saturday, November 17, 2007

FRC: Project Runway

Alrighty. Welcome back PR! There wasn't anything too thrilling this episode, so we'll just kind of use this as an introduction to our cast based on our first glances of them...

RAMI KASHOU - bald and foreign
CHRIS - John Goodman
ChRISTIAN SIRIANO - i hate him based only on his asymmetric haircut
JILLIAN LEWIS - wears cute things, that's gotta be good
KEVIN CHRISTIANA - joey fatone + javier bardem
STEVEN ROSENGARD - apparently just missed out being a contestant last year
SIMONE LeBLANC - cool name
ELISA JIMENEZ - uh oh. one of the crazies i fear. what was the name of that unbearable one last year?
MARION LEE - a boy
RICKY LIZALDE - wears black
"SWEET P" VAUGHN - is this how olive oyl's baby turned out?
...i've missed one here i think...there should be 15....OH! i think it's the asian one - VICTORYA HONG - asian.

The first challenge requires the contestants to choose from loads of fabric options ($50,000 worth) within ten minutes. Once they're back at their stations they have about 12 hours to design something that reflects their style. BORING. you're giving them actual fabric?!?

So far, watching the contestants work, I am taken by Rami and Jack's dresses in particular.

The models are sent in (already assigned) for fitting and final touches. tim gunn also points out the accessory wall. the models are dressed and sent through the works for the first runway show. everything goes by too fast for me to comment on each thing, so i'll just bring out the six for you.

ELISA - lea - that train was a BAD idea. Bottom 3.
SIMONE - lauren - nothing special. and also, fug. Bottom 3
RICKY - wendy - produces a nice dress, but could've done better. Bottom 3
CHRISTIAN - lisa - his outfit reminds me of a terrier. something a terrier would wear. Top 3.
VICTORYA - jacqueline - cute black dries that ties the arms down. Top 3.
RAMI - ashley - dress looks gorgeous! Top 3.

Rami wins the challenge and immunity. Christian, Victorya and Ricky are all safe. It's between cool name and crazy...but we all know that crazy makes good tv, so elise is safe and Simone gets auf'd.

i started my team too late for the first ep, but hopefully i can jump right back in.

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