Thursday, November 15, 2007

kid nation - mini recap

so i know that sara's not covering kid nation any more, but last night i watched like 12 hours of tv and ended up watching a bit of CTS's fave - kid nation.

honestly, there's only a very short moment in the show that i'd like to comment on.....and it probably has less to do with the kids and more to do with the editors.

i'm going to warn everyone now by saying that - this may be one of those things that is only funny to becca and not to anybody else. there are many of these things that only i find the time i saw a guy in a subway station in paris having a lengthy phone conversation on a banana. apparently, since the guy was insane, i was an asshole for laughing. i also enjoy america's funniest home videos....and poop jokes.

ok- back to kid nation. so the kids are all pissed off because they mix up the teams and the red team gets a cute little nerdy kid who apparently doesn't pull his weight or something and they all go nuts. what's funny is that this other kid gets all angry and yells at their team leader and then goes outside and throws some sticks into a fire and screams to no one in particular (the camera man i guess) - "i don't want to live with the new kid! he sings in his sleep!". then there's a transitional shot of their cabin at night with nobody around all you hear is the sound of a kid singing some uninteligible song (if i could give it a genre i would say that it sounds like a medieval christmas carol sung in falsetto by a muppet), and then you hear another kid scream...."SHUT UP!!!!". End Scene.

That was the best 10 seconds of the entire 12 hours of tv I watched yesterday.


littlejeans said...

I chuckled!

Becca said...

well then - i did not do this post in vain.