Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Checking In with Fall TV!

Hello friends -- I apologize for my recent posts being so tv heavy....we all know i have an unhealthy relationship with the idiotbox, but i've been working a lot recently, so its really the only other thing going on in my life right now. I'll try to be more three dimensional in the future. However, we are currently in the present (or actually this would be in the past...awww i'm confusing myself) so let's discuss what tv shows we're all still sticking with.

There are two shows that I ditched without even watching. I had planned on seeing them, but my dvr, fat with 50 shows, was too intimidating for me to think about adding more shows that i wasn't very excited about. Those shows are Moonlight and Fox's Idol-spinoffish thing, The Next Great American Band. Sorry guys.

So you know how I have that rule where I give a show two to three episodes before deciding what to do with it? There was one show that was so absolutely horrific that I couldn't even make it past half an ep, and that show was Carpoolers. It made me sad that so many people saw this piece of crap and still let it go on the air. Really really very sad. The two shows I gave a fair two episode chance to were Chuck and Cane. Chuck really thinks its the shit...like really cute really funny shit. i agree with one of those words. And Cane was a good enough show, but i had to ask myself this: "if i turn off the show right now, will i wonder what happens to any of the characters?" the answer was no, so it got my axe.

If we want to talk real axes, Viva Laughlin is the first big cancel of the season, getting the bad news the day after its second episode aired (which was just three days after the first episode aired). I have both eps sitting on my dvr, and I thought about just erasing them, but I feel like if it was a victim of that quick of an axe drop, it must be TERRIBLE...and those shows can be kind of fun if you're, like, drunk. (for those who care, Nashville was also cancelled, but I had no idea it was even on)

The fantastic news is that Gossip Girl has been picked up for a full season. YES!!! Guiltiest pleasure evar!!! Private Practice was also picked up, so i suppose i'll continue watching it for now... And finally, I'd like to end with a plea. Guys, watch Samantha Who. I had no idea what a great comedic talent christina applegate was...but in addition to that, this show has me LOL-ing for real. Like, rewind and watch that scene again so i can laugh harder LOL-ing. I feel like there were general low expectations for it (hell, i wasn't expecting much) and that makes me nervous that it won't get watched...so i encourage you all to take a gander (it's on monday nights at 9:30 i believe..or maybe 9. eastern) because it is truly hilarious.

So what shows have you all decided to stick with or drop? Let a sister know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I checked out Carpoolers and found JerrY O'Connell to be charming and hilarious. I can never get sick of the slick womanizer with a secret soft side. It really is a timeless show that will only ripen with age.

(***Note - The previous statement was soaked in sarcasm. I hope Jerry O'Connell and every writer and producer on that show swallow a shotgun loaded with bullets dipped in AIDS.)

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Becca said...
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Ricky said...

i am slightly ashamed to say that the only new program i have added is gossip girls. note that i am only slightly ashamed. i will definintely check out samanatha who, though....sounds hilarious. p.s. you doubted christina applegate's comedic genius even after seeing the sweetest thing? for shame!