Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FRC: KN - Politics Week

so, listen...i rely a lot on the comments left (or not left) for all my reality corner shows because it gives me a feel of who (if anyone) is reading or relying on posts about specific shows. i know for sure that the top model recaps don't fall on deaf eyes, but when it comes to the kid nation recap, the only people that i think are enthusiastic about reading them are my dear partner in crime, Becca, and my dear brother. and ricky doesn't even watch the show! so, due to my recent busy schedule, i'm going to introduce a new format for the Kid Nation recaps (and any subsequent shows that don't seem to need such a thorough walkthrough) called Oh Shit! Recaps. Let's begin.

Oh shit! Yellow team is bratty!
Oh shit! Apparently blue team hates their leader!
Oh shit! Reelections!
Oh shit! Green team, a team Laurel put together by handpicking kids that exhibited leadership skills and ability, decide they love Laurel as their leader. i would've bet money that laurel would've been the only council member running unopposed. and i would've won that bet.
Oh shit! Olivia's a bitch!
Oh shit! No Taylor di-int!
Oh shit! Yellow is upper class (thanks to zach)! and green is finally in the top 2 districts! (for the record, red are cooks and blue are laborers. haha!)
Oh shit! the council chooses toothbrushes over a barbeque party! you're telling me these kids haven't been brushing their teeth? were they told not to bring toothbrushes? cuz that's fucked up.
Oh shit! I don't know who this Markelle (red) character is, but methinks he's awesome. he made one of taylor's cronies (the one with the perma-baby face, but not in a cute way [Laila]) flip her shit when he ripped down a vote for taylor poster that laila made. like "no wire hangers!!!" shit flipping. bitch crazy.
Oh shit! greg has a soft side and its adorable! look at him nurturing the psychopathic child of the corn [Laila].
oh shit! greg finally got his gold star! now he can go to college!
oh shit! anjay keeps his seat! guylan replaces mike! (nice! the only vote mike got was the one he cast for himself...Bonanza City: 3, Mike's ego: 0) Zach takes taylor's seat! (randi should get the gold star for going against the gaggle of yellow females and casting her vote for zach...securing his win)

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Becca said...

i actually saw some of this episode too!!