Sunday, October 07, 2007

FRC: Top Model- Farewell Mrs. Brisby

Previously: mila was clearly only chosen to be an easy first out.

so, bianca is a bitch. we knew this because she told us, but she told us that she was a fun bitch and not a mean bitch. that makes her a lying bitch. she helps kimberly with her walk, but confides in the viewing audience that she's purposefully giving kimberly bad advice. strategic, i guess. it's also at this point, two minutes in, where i proclaimed to a room of 7 witnesses my guess that kimberly would be going home. i should liveblog this shit. i'm much better at guessing on the fly.

the girls go to this cheesy fashion madhouse and get all pretend scared. miss jay shows up with 12 straitjackets and the girls must put their heels and crazy jackets on and practice walking whilst restricted.

at the house, bianca gets tired of hearing saleisha yap with tzone confidence about all of her modeling experience, so she calls s borderline plus size. sarah probably thinks 'gulp'. bianca and saleisha start yelling at each other and ebony's all "remember when i was supposed to be the bitch?" Bianca makes threats about hurting her competitors and cutting clothes up. just keep your panty juice to yourself, PLEASE.

that guy from the church fashion shows that i hate comes back and refers to last cycle's high school runway challenge as the "infamous prom fashion show". slow down there, roy. he introduces the challenge, which is a couture runway show for colleen quen, known for restrictive gowns. the winner gets to walk in colleen's paris debut. every time ambreal comes onscreen, i'm like 'who's that?'. saleisha wins the challenge. 6 points!

photo shoot: rock climbing wall in fancy gowns.
panel: tyra does a weird french accent. i don't know

HEATHER- produces a great photo. but between heather pronouncing her syndrome "Ahhs-bergers" and tyra pronouncing it "ass-perjurs", there might be a lot of confusion around here. for the record -- ass-pergers. and yes, heather pronounces her own affliction weirdly. or like a snooty debutante. she likes to class things up.
JANET- does well but needs more consistency
EBONY- lacks confidence this week, but her picture gets good marks.
KIMBERLY- sucks. when i look at her, i think of the secret of nimh. or Witches. when they're in transition, turning into rats.
CHANTAL- i think i might love her and her wonky eye. dye her hair dark and we'll see where we're at.
SARAH- i really like sarah.
LISA- great picture. she's better with her body right now. because of the stripper thing i'm sure.
SALEISHA- i like her a lot, but i'm nervous about what a frontrunner (and bragger) she is...then again, jaslene had a similar arc-- started strong, floundered for a while, then won.
BIANCA- they hate her photo. awkward silence hate. except tyra.
VICTORIA- is such a weirdo. her and her trippin sea nymphs. but she can take a good pic and wears makeup well.
JENAH- great picture. another girl i like..though when she bares her teeth i get scawwed.

Jenah is called first this week. then everyone else until we're down to bianca and kimberly. we still need bianca for the drama though, and kimberly is useless, so kimberly goes home. later sucka! guess heather can't cling to you now! zing!

next week: MAKEOVERS!!!!

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