Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FRC: ANTM - ebony grows a pair

i apologize for how late this is. Also, I'm not going to be able to do a kid nation recap before the next episode airs (i haven't even seen last week's ep yet), so let's just cut our losses and move on. a girl's gotta pay her rent.

so, i effin did it again. i took heather off my team last week because she wasn't getting me any points and of course here's the week she finally gets pointage. whatever, i really screwed up with my fantasy top model. nothing i can do now that i'm 1338th place. :(

tyson beckford comes to the house and i shit a brick. never have i wanted to be a 9th rate contestant on a televised modeling show more. he talks to them about something to do with spokesmodeling, but i'm too busy thinking about his arms. and his face. that chest....oh sorry. (also notable...he's wearing jeans and a black tank top.. [those arms...] tyra would be pleased) then tyson eats ambreal's mango (an actual mango), skin and all. i've loved this man for a long time, so i'm gonna let that slide. the girls have to split into groups of three and do a 30 second psa for Keep A Child Alive. ambreal, heather, and jenah win. points disappear before my eyes again. some lady picks one name at random to do a shoot with mary j. blige. the other two get gift baskets (aka the shaft). heather's name is drawn and she does a pretty good job at the shoot and looks beautiful. team heather! also they put loads of tanner on her.

during an impromptu sleepover, ebony voices that she wants to go home. other girls are shocked.

photo shoot - recyclable materials.

HEATHER - aluminum cans - heather takes a straight on photo and it works. see, she had nothing to worry about. got you again, asperger's.
CHANTAL - paper. the judges are split.
SARAH - garbage bags. judges think she's losing weight even though she says she isn't. if she gets booted for this, i'm gonna be pissed. a couple weeks ago, tyra said something like 'usually, people tell you to lose weight, but not us.' and it's like, get off your flippin high horse tyra, the only reason you're telling her not to lose weight is because you don't think she can cut it as a "real model". so just shut up.
SALEISHA - car parts - looks so rihanna. if you look past her bad hair. that hair that could work as an umbrella. ella. ella. ee. ee. ee.
EBONY - bubble wrap - the judges think she has an attitude problem despite some good pics (not this week's though). i guess that weave made her a little too naomi.
JENAH - cardboard - i give jenah a hard time for that ratty hair and those front teeth, but she always turns out a stunning photo.
BIANCA - oil - looks a lot like lil eva pigford in her pic. do i sense a parallel character arc?
LISA - plastic bottles - judges think she's being too safe with her risk taking. whaaa?
AMBREAL - newspaper. sucks. everyone thinks so! (wait, who are we talking about?)

ebony confessionalizes that she doesn't like the criticism of photo shoots and panel, so she's hoping tyra will send her home. geez, i wonder where this is going.

saleisha is called first. others follow until ebony and ambreal are left. the last photo in tyra's hand is ebony, so technically i was right in calling ambreal's booting last week. however, ebony speaks up and says she doesn't want to be there. so, tyra says something to make it look like she was the one doing the dumping and not ebony, and then basically says 'shove off, puta'. it kind of pisses me off that tyra's all 'talk to mama' about it and then berates her. what a bitch. poor ambreal is just standing there (all invisible) like 'what does this mean for me?'. after tyra's done spitting ebony out, and after she's basically told ambreal that she sucks, she tries to make a quick recovery and be all 'fate is smiling on you! you have another chance!' about it. she'll go next week.

you know what? i'm not done with this...because ebony basically figured out that she didn't want to be a model. which is totally valid. she didn't suck, it just didn't make her happy. she thought she wanted it, but going through the process made her aware that she didn't. so good for her for leaving and knowing that it wasn't for her. fuck tyra for not being able to look past her pride and realize that it was better that ebony came to this realization and stuck with what she wanted instead of staying for camera time or some other lameoid reason and taking someone else's spot who actually wanted it.

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