Friday, October 12, 2007

FRC: ANTM - Makeovers!!!

Boy oh boy! Previously: Kimberly was sent to continue on her journey to find Nicodemus.

Victoria talks about how she came in as a joke and now, her nerdly instincts to succeed are making her want it fo' real. i smell bottom two! Saleisha says "i'm never gonna be in the bottom two." We now have our bottom two. (Don't these bitches know to watch their confidence?)

Ken Paves Salon - makeovers. Sigh. some of these could've gone so much better. Tyra shows the girls what they'll look like post makeover with her magical digital composite screen. that it looks like they spent about $2.50 on. Ambreal will be getting a shorter do, Bianca will be given Beyoncé locks, prompting me to dub her Beyancá. Sarah and lisa are both getting Ken Paves' actual hairdo. Victoria, as a friend said, looks like they're just gonna comb her hair. chantal gets a longer weave and straight bangs, jenah is going long and blond. janet will get a trim and some black dye, ebony will get a better weave a la naomi campbell, saleisha gets promised a rhianna-ish bob, and heather gets virtually no change. i'm sure that has nothing to do with people with asperger's being averse to drastic change.

sarah looks GREAT! Victoria is an improvement...anything would've been. heather looks the same. janet looks better definitely, ambreal's cut works well and makes her a little more noticeable. jenah. looks. TERRIBLE!!. lisa looks a little weird, but i'm sure it'll look cool straightened. ebony also turns out well. bianca gets her head shaved since her hair is in such bad shape and cries about it but isn't whiny. jay proposes using paves wigs on shoots, but honestly i think the shaved head looks great on bianca. now that tyra's shaved her head, she's put her in her place. begin redemption arc! chantal has gotten annoying with this weave. and saleisha. oh god. why oh why. they did not have flawless execution here. saleisha looks like a thirteen year old japanese schoolgirl.

challenge: our twice yearly covergirl makeup challenge. they must put on dramatic eye/natural lip makeup, put on an outfit, and march down the runway within five minutes. winner gets to do some covergirl shit. sarah wins!!! hooray! god jenah looks bad.

this week's photoshoot -- girls as flowers and plant life.
BIANCA, SUNFLOWER - not her best work, but she's getting used to the hair...she just needs to 'own it' now.
JANET, HYDRANGEA - gets compared to liza minnelli and..yeah! she does. is told that she has improved, but needs to be less pose-y. (no flower pun intended)
HEATHER, WEED - i wish they'd dressed her up like a marijuana leaf. she's made up like an orc, but it's a great pic.
LISA, BAMBOO - strong face, but she needs to give more
SALEISHA, TULIP - man they really are knocking saleisha down a few notches this week.
SARAH, IVY - judges love her photo, but they're nervous that she's losing weight.
AMBREAL, ROSE - hair is an improvement but she's still kinda eh.
VICTORIA, CACTUS - she's too focused on the nerd thing. we're done. twiggy HATES her because she's always picking fights and talking back.
JENAH, MOSS - the judges love all over jenah. i still say she looks bad.
EBONY, BIRD OF PARADISE - her film blew away the judges, but not her personality
CHANTAL, BABY'S BREATH - i'm over chantal.

victoria talks about how ridiculous this all is. she also thinks about how this has been everyone else's dream for their whole lives and it's only been hers since she tried out for the show as a joke and tyra was feeling quirky so she let her through to the top 13. yeah, she's definitely going home this week. tyra don't stand for girls who wouldn't kill for this shit.

elimination: jenah again is called first. everyone else follows until we are left with victoria and saleisha. but the twigster hates victoria and you don't fuck with twiggles...and saleisha just needed to be humbled, so V gets sent home. determined to remain the weirdo, she immediately removes her shoes. good riddance Geektoria.

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Ricky said...

+10 points for Beyonca
+25 bonus points for Nicodemus
-Right on with Saleisha's hair-DON'T....this could've been hot but wound up looking way lame.
-These make-overs were only ok this time around. I think it's because they were designed on an etch-a-sketch.